kone-ehdotukset STILL EXU 22-S Electric ride-lift-truck

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STILL EXU 22-S Electric ride-lift-truck

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Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   STILL EXU 22-S Electric ride-lift-truck
Kone nro   171886
Valmistaja   STILL
Malli / tyyppi   EXU 22-S
Valmistusvuosi   2008
Kone saatavilla alkaen   by arrangement
Koneen laatu   toimiva

Tekniset tiedot

Mitat noin   800x2500x0 mm
Paino noin   400 kg


• Serial Number: 710148203656
• lifting bridge: no
• Lifting height: 125 mm
• Hight min: - mm
• Working Hours: 5452 h
• Forks lenght: 1150 X 560 mm
• Charger: No

STILL EXU 22-s Electric Ride Lift Truck

The Pedestrian ride lift truck is a true feat of engineering designed to be used in a warehouse environment for the loading of wagons. One of the leading manufacturers of platform trucks and forklift vehicles, Still has also been a leader in the intralogistics systems market for a number of years. The EXU 22-s is no exception either and this robust electric ride lift truck offers a great deal of stamina due to the momentum provided by its high speeds. An excellent addition to any robotic workforce, this 400 kg beast is a force to be reckoned with.


The Still EXU electric ride lift truck does not feature a lifting bridge, however with dimensions of 80 cm x 250 cm, this truck can squeeze into the smallest of perimeters. Manufactured in 2008, the Still EXU still gives brand new models a run for their money and its high stability is just one reason why. Although this ride lift truck can operate at speeds of up to 12 km/h, it is still very safe when breaking. Extra grip on the controls ensures all operating elements of this electric ride lift truck are very easy to use and will sustain large amounts of wear and tear.

A Ride Lift Truck from STILL

The Still EXU will handle loads of up to and including 2,200 kg and has a lift height of 13 cm. The 24 V battery gives this machine all the power it will need and as it is so light, it can be transported very easily. All controls are situated within easy reach of the standing platform and because the Still EXU ride lift truck features large swivel castors, this machine will remain ground stationary even while swerving corners at high speed. Contact pressure on the drive wheel is also load dependent, another safety feature put in place to ensure maximum stability. This electric ride lift truck is designed for long lasting use in a warehouse environment and is specifically equipped to transport heavy loads onto pallets.