kone-ehdotukset STILL RX70-25 Diesel - forklift

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STILL RX70-25 Diesel - forklift

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Koneen yksityiskohdat

Nimi   STILL RX70-25 Diesel - forklift
Kone nro   171869
Valmistaja   STILL
Malli / tyyppi   RX70-25
Valmistusvuosi   2007
Kone saatavilla alkaen   by arrangement
Koneen laatu   toimiva
Koneen sijainti   20020 Buccinasco (MI), Italien

Tekniset tiedot

kuormitettavuus   2,5 t
Mitat noin   1300x3000x2260 mm
Paino noin   4000 kg


• Serial Number: 517322000486
• lifting bridge: triplex
• Lifting height: 4930 mm
• Hight min: 2260 mm
• Working Hours: 7389 h
• Forks lenght: No
• overhauled and repainted

STILL RX 70-25 Diesel Forklift for a range of operations

The RX70-25 diesel forklift is an economical and powerful IC engine forklift truck from STILL. This used forklift boasts of a compact design, which makes it an ideal machine for a wide range of applications including general load handling in a warehouse, factory storage, or in a distribution centre. The RX 70-25 is one of the RX 70 range of diesel powered used forklifts from STILL, which are easy to operate and safe for the operator.


The RX 70-25 diesel forklift offers lower energy consumption and low CO2 emissions; hence it is safe for indoor use, for instance, in the foodstuff industry. With its compact dimensions, RX 70-25 used forklifts are fast, and offer one of the smallest working aisle widths in the market. The RX 70-25 features an ergonomically safe and comfortable operator's work station which has been designed and fitted with a standard arm rest for easy and comfortable operation. This manoeuvrable and economical forklift designed for a wide range of industrial applications has a standard mini lever and an optional joystick that offers the operator with a sensitive and convenient control of the machine's hydraulics. Furthermore, the RX 70-25 features two energy storage systems. One is a diesel storage tank and the other one is a high power double layer capacitor. The latter is used to provide additional power for the truck. On the other hand, the diesel engine is used for current generation via a three-phase generator.


An RX 70-25 used forklift is designed to handle a maximum load capacity of 2500 KG and can lift the load to a maximum of 7.8 meters. Its hydrostatic transmission is powered by a VW 4 cylinder water cooled 30 KW diesel engine, which is capable of making the forklift move up to an impressive speed of 21 km/h.


The RX 70-25 diesel forklift boasts of a reputation of being not only a strong, robust and sensitive in operation forklift, but it is also safe, offers a cruise control function, and above all, it is considered to be one of the best models in it's class.