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BIESSE Rover 30 Router CNC

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Coûts et avantages

Frais d’enchère   15%
TVA   *plus TVA
Conditions de livraison   chargée sur camion
Coût de démantèlement et de chargement   400.00 € (obligatoire)
Frais d’envoi   non inclus
Modalités de paiement   100% du paiement avant la collecte

Détails de la machine

Nom   BIESSE Rover 30 Router CNC
Machine n°   164597
Fabricant   BIESSE
Modèle / Type   Rover 30
Année de fabrication   1998
Machine disponible à partir de   at once
Qualité de la machine   en état de marche
lieu   Allemagne / Nordrhein-Westfalen

Détails techniques

numéro de série   81820
longueur de travail axe-x   4400 mm
largeur de travail axe-y   1250 mm
taux max. de chemin d'alimentation axe X   100 m/min
taux max. de chemin d'alimentation axe Y   100 m/min
taux max. de chemin d'alimentation axe Z   30 m/min
axe c   ja / yes
changeur d'outils   12 fach / 12 fold
broche principale   7,5 kW
unité de changement   2
pompe à vide   100 cbm/h
tête de forage vertical axe x   10 piece
tête de forage vertical axe y   10 piece
tête de forage horizontal axe x   6 piece
tête de forage horizontal axe y   2 piece
contrôle   XNC
Dimensions (L x l x h)   7200 x 2420 x 2600 mm
Poids approx.   6250 kg


machine structure:
- with fixed cantilever and a working unit, which is moveable alongside the Y-axis
- rigid structure out of electro-welded steel, which guarantees high stability and accuracy during the processing phase
- system of axis adjustment at high-precision linear guides with free of play linear ball bearings in solid, all-side sealed construction
- drive of X and Y axis by sanded sloping toothed rack with pre-clamped pinion gears for clearance compensation, with digital, brushless alternating current servo motor
- Z-support carriage for processing units with linar guides, hardened ball screw and digital, brushless alternating current servo motor
- position measuring system through incremental encoder
- pneumatic compensating unit for vertical adjustment of Z-axis
- time-controlled, automatical centralized lubrication for all linear guides and ball screws

The max. positioning speed of machine:
100 m/min. in X-direction
100 m/min. in Y-direction
30 m/min. in Z-direction

field of work:
trimming and boring: X = 4438 mm, Y = 1250 mm, max. processable workpiece thickness = 170 mm

Possibility of pendulum processing of workpieces up to 1375 mm length in standard operations and up to 2000 mm with program interrupt and stop change to middle stop The min. workpiece dimensions are depending on used clamping devices as well as of surface and contours of workpieces. Special requirements have to be checked.

equipment of machine table:
The working table consists of:
- 8 similar workpiece supports, which are manual adjustable by pneumatic push-button control. Adjustment of workpiece supports via round, sanded shafts and ball lining, which are pneumatical clamped.
- 8 behind pneumatical immersible NC-controlled stops (each per workpiece support) 4 lateral pneumatical stops (2 per side)
- 4 middle pneumatical stops (2 per side)
- millimeter scale anlongside of x-axis for a correct positioning of workpiece support
- system for workpiece clamping consisting of 24 manual adjustable suction cups with pneumatical clamping (3 per workpiece support) dimensions of suction cups: 160 x 160 mm
- double function of stops for clamping of smal parts
- 8 rack supports with automatic NC-switch-off
- additional vacuum system for trimming templates consisting of 4 connections, 1 each field of work with fix coupling. Manual switching-on by selector switch.
- vacuum pump 100m³/hour, air cooled

Uniter carrier
- borking unit with 20 vertical individual recallable spindles with 32 mm distance, which are arranged in L-shape. Therefrom are 10 lying in X-direction and 10 in Y-direction with 32 mm distance.The turning speed of boring spindles is 4000 rpm. 4 unis for opposite horizontal boring, therefrom 3 in X-direction and 1 in Y-direction.
- 7,5 kW trimming unit (electro spindles) with tool holder for manual tool change (ATC) automatic selectable righthand of lefthand turning directoin; NC-programming of rotation from 1.000 - 20.000 rpm. tool holder HSK F 50 mounted on pos. B
- unit carrier, on which 2 further working units in the positions A and C can be optionally mounted. tool magazine chain tool changing magazine with 12 places 12 Plätzen HSK F 50. The magazine is mounted behind at X-carriage and equipped with a device, which carries the tool from magazine to the electro spindle. The device enables also the transport of tool to an additional electro spindle at Pos. A. In the magazine cylindrical tool up to 110 mm length can be placed. Forming tools and angle heads with diamter up to 160 mm can be used without limitation.

NC-control ''XNC'' for series ROVER consisting of:

- pentium processor
- 32 MB Ram
- 1 gigabyte hard disc
- 1 parallel interface
- 1 serial interface RS 232
- extendable to 2 additional serial interfaces (optional)
- 1,44 MB 3,5'' disc run
- 14'' (355 mm) SCGA colour monitor
- alpha-numerical industrial keyboard (IP 65) with function keys for activation of commands as well as f. e. START-STOP-AXIS MOVING - etc.
- track point mouse in industrial construction (integrated in alphanumberical keyboard)
- 12 buttons with LED-display for activation of machine operating modes (smal parts clamper, reverses, lift swivelling, etc.)
- OVERRIDE - potentiometer for manual regulation of feed speed
- extractable PC-standard keyboard
- free slot in PC-bus for installation of network card, modem, etc. safety devices for ROVER-30 in accordance with the main requirements, which are mentioned in the EC-guideline 89/392. The are consisting of:
- safety shut-off mats
- device with mechanical cams and safety micro switch for operator protection in case of pendulum processing
- complete head covering with flexible protective devices consisting of:
- suction hood with 2-layer PVC-lamellas for dust and splinter protection
- noise protection hood
- lateral and behind protection grids air conditioning system for switch cabinet of machine

statical frequency converter for units with a rated power up to 6,6 kW.
The device includes:
- frequency indicator by display
- display of tool turning speed by display
- diagnostic by display in case of irregularities
- reset-push-button
- protection against current- and voltage overlaod and short circuit
- automatic control for braking function of tool turning
- braking restistance
- NC-programming of tool speed

voltage stabilizer +/- 3%, 10,5 KVA for voltage 380 V - 50 cyc.

operation- and maintenace manual operation manual for NC-control el. circuit diagram spare parts list

additional equipment:
- 8 x digital displays of workpiece support position
- chip conveying belt integrated in machine bed For the removal of rejects and residuals in case of processing. The rejects are carried out on the righthand machine side.

g- tool holder electro spindle and chain tool changing magazine with 12 places with HSK F50 instead of ISO 30
- 2 x angle unit with 1 horizontal outlet, in recessed building type for lock box trimmings with HSK F50 adapter, righthand turning direction
- several tool holders HSK F50
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