Our mission statement

Our mission statement describes who Surplex is as an organisation and where we want to go. It shows the values that are important to us at Surplex and offers orientation when it comes to making decisions.

The Surplex mission statement was developed in cooperation with many colleagues, with the help of the thoughts and feedback of different employees with different positions and from different departments. It reflects Surplex and our development direction as accurately as possible and gives a good impression of who we are.

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Reinventing second-hand machine trade.

We are an owner-managed e-commerce company, specialising in the market for used woodworking and metalworking machinery. We create a bridge between traditional business models and online business by combining the best of both. This has had a lasting effect on the machine trade in general.

Our company history is reflected in the development of an idea which is still essential for us today. We promote digital trading with second-hand machines without ever losing sight of the human aspect. Personal contact with our sellers and buyers is very important to us.

The digital nature of our business is not merely a concession to the general trend but our focal idea. Being digital is part of our philosophy - and always has been. Since 1999. For this very reason we perfectly understand the benefits and advantages of digital trading.

Trading and acting based on trust.

We have been in business for over 20 years and our actions are based on mutual trust. We treat ourselves and our customers as equals, because we know that there is always more than one way to success.

We enjoy diversity.

Just like our customers from over 150 countries worldwide, we are all different. We speak more than 20 languages and come from different nationalities. Therefore, our team is based on diversity in every respect. This is what makes us strong, because everyone contributes their individual personality, different skills and abilities.

We speak and act with heart and mind.

Since everyone contributes to the company’s success, each and every person is equally valuable to us – it doesn’t matter if they’re the company owner, a project manager or a trainee.
Good ideas, no matter from whom they come, are welcomed at Surplex. We communicate openly, reliably and on a personal level. This also applies, in particular, to our application process.

We find a solution.

Flexibility is our strength. Due to our diversity, different abilities are united, and we feel connected. Thanks to this we are able to meet even the most unusual challenges. We are not perfect, but we always put our heart and soul into finding solutions. When there is a need to innovate, we work together to achieve this.

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