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CASADEI FLEXA 37 Automata élhajlítógép

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Név   CASADEI FLEXA 37 Automata élhajlítógép
Termékszám   212334
Gyártó   CASADEI
Típus   FLEXA 37
Gyártás éve   2013
Ekkortól elérhető   rögtön
Gép minősége   még nem használt / új
Gép helye   47826 Villa Verucchio, Rimini, Italien

Technikai adatok

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Serial number: AH/117047


• Control panel situated at the machine infeed which can be moved to an ergonomic position.
• Soundproof protection cabinet.
• Machine frame made of high rigidity welded steel.
• Robust panel support, which slides on round bars that can be adjusted widthways according to the size of parts to be machined.
• Feeding chain track made of industrial chain with high grip rubber coated pads. The chain track pads slide on two hardened and rectified steel guides, one with a circular section and one with a flat section, to guarantee feeding straightness and resistance to lateral loads.
• Upper pressure beam made of thick steel with two rows of wheels mounted on ball bearings and guards to cover the wheels.
• Manual raising of the pressure beam with mechanical digital display of the quota and automatic positioning of the working units with a change in panel thickness.
• The panel thickness selected is shown on a mechanical digital display.
• Dust extraction outlets on cabinet.
Electrical system • Electrical system equipped with lockable main switch.
• Emergency stop pushbuttons where panels enter and exit the machine. • High frequency motors with inverter.
“MEGA 300” control system
Numerical Control complete with PLC, eliminates relays and micro-switches and manages pneumatic positioning of the units, when present on the machine.
The control does not include the pneumatic positionings foreseen in the Comfort Kit.
• 60 working programs.
• Control of working units and automatic sequential start up of motors.
• Alphanumeric keyboard and display.
• Function keys for rapid selection of working units.
• Control and adjustment of glue tank temperature.
• Simple and guided diagnostics for easily resolving any eventual errors.
• Partial and absolute machining statistical data including number of panels processed, length of edging processed, time machine has been switched on, distance covered by chain track.
• Unit of measurement in mm or inches can be selected.
Pre-milling unit "TR-E" This unit is positioned before the gluing unit and is for pre-milling the panel edge to obtain an optimum gluing surface. It has 2 cutters equipped with automatic timed intervention to avoid damaging the panel. The cutters are mounted on two high frequency motors and can be adjusted vertically so that the tool is centered correctly with respect to the panel.
The pre-milling unit removal is between 0,4 and 3 mm and is determined by the position of the entry guide, with the removal quota shown on a digital numerical display.
The unit is equipped with a pair of braze-welded cutters. This type of tool gets worn quickly. For prolonged use diamond tools (optional) are recommended.
N.B. This unit is only available in configurations where the model name contains the letter "R". Gluing unit "GP-300"
(glue tank, edging and pressing) Glue tank with direct power.
Automatic magazine for coil and strip edging, equipped with cutter for edging up to 3 mm thick.
The pressure device has three rollers. Mechanical adjustment of the pressure. The 1st is a driven-roller with clutch, whilst the 2nd and 3rd have opposite tapers to assure perfect bonding of the edging applied. Adjustable roller position.
Glue tank for hot-melt glues with rapid heating and a Teflon interior for easy cleaning and glue replacement.
The glue is spread by a roller for optimum application on the panel.
The temperature of the glue applied is controlled by digital thermo-regulators.
The glue tank temperature falls automatically when the machine has not been used for a while.
Automatic recovery of glue which hasn't been used.
Pneumatic pressure adjustment system.
Coil holder plate.
End trimming unit "IK/200" Soft/post-formed panels can also be end trimmed.
The unit has two high frequency motors which allow precise cutting of the edging overhanging the front and rear of the panel being processed.
Manual tilting of the blades from 0° to 15° from control panel.
The motors have a feeler to guarantee perfect positioning of the blade with respect to the cutting point.
Two working positions : straight & angled cuts.
The unit is complete with a pair of blades.
Tilting trimming unit TT/1000 Manual tilting from 0° to 25° for trimming excess edging at the top and bottom of the panel. Equipped with two independent high frequency motors. The motors are mounted on a robust support fixed to the machine frame.
The motors slide vertically on cylindrical hardened and rectified steel bars with recirculating ball bearings, guaranteeing maximum working precision.
Two manually adjustable working positions with 4-position revolver.
Vertical and front revolving copiers assure precise positioning of the cutter with reference to the machining point. Simple and quick adjustment system equipped with: manual exclusion of the unit in the working area without adjustment modifications; digital mechanical indicators displaying the vertical and horizontal position; mechanical and electrical device for quick release of motors; dedicated device for rapid disassembly of the cutters.
Equipped with “ED-SYSTEM” highly efficient dust extraction hoods.
Corner rounding unit "A/1" For transverse machining of panels which are shaped along their longitudinal sides (soft forming, post forming) as well as for rounding or beveling/chamfering the upper, lower, front and rear corners of PVC and ABS edged panels with radius. Max. workable thickness : 3 mm.
The unit has a high frequency motor and vertical and front copiers with rectified and nickel plated contact surfaces which guarantee maximum machining precision.
Pneumatic exclusion of the unit from the control panel. Pre-selectable 2-position machining changeover (kit with 2 pneumatic positions available as optional). Supplied with a diamond cutter R = 2 mm with 4 cutting edges.
(the separate rounding of front and rear corner is not possible)
Edge scraping unit “SCR/K” For finishing PVC/ABS edging untill 3 mm.
The very rigid structure allows perfect finishing without any vibration.
The front and vertical revolving disk feelers accurately position the knives with respect to the cutting point, guaranteeing extreme machining precision.
Complete with 2 digital mechanical indicators and 2 verniers to ease adjustment of the front copiers and the knives.
Supplied with a pair of knives (R=2 mm).

Panel thickness 8 – 60 mm
Max. section of coil edging 135 mm²
Coil edging thickness 0,4 ÷ 3 mm
Strip edging thickness 0,4 ÷ 6 mm
Feed speed 11 m/min (11/13 m/min opt)
Max. edging surplus with respect to panel thickness 2+2 mm
Min. panel length
(with width at least 100 mm) 140 mm
Min. length coil edging 180 mm
Min. length strip edging 220 mm
Min. panel width (length min. 210 mm)
– with edge thickness more than 3 mm 80 mm
– with panel thickness from 41 to 60 mm 80 mm
– with panel thickness until 40 mm 60 mm
Distance between two consecutive panels at 11 m/min 600 mm
Distance between two consecutive panels at 13 m/min 750 mm
Pre-Milling Unit TR-E
Max. removal 55 mm²
Tool rotation speed 9.000 rpm
Max stock removal 3 mm
Tools : diameter 100 mm
Tools : height 63 mm
Motor power 1,8 kW
Gluing Unit GP-300
Heiting elements power 3 kW
Glue tank capacity 1,5 Kg
End Trimming Unit IK/200
Blade inclination 0° - 15°
Motor power 0,2 kW
Tool rotation speed 12.000 rpm
Trimming Unit TT/1000
Manual inclination of unit 0° - 25°
Power of each motor 0,65 kW
Tool rotation speed 12.000 rpm
Corner Rounding Unit A/1
Edging thickness max. 3 mm
Workable panel thickness 10 ÷ 45 mm
Min. panel lenght 280 mm
Distance between two consecutive panels 750 mm
Motor power 0,35 kW
Tool rotation speed 12.000 rpm
Max speed 11 mt/min
Tools radius 2 mm
Edge Scraping Unit SCR/K
Knives with radius 2 mm
Brushing Unit BFN (optional)
Rotation speed 1.400 rpm
Motor power 0,13 kW

CA.40.17 European safety standards (E.C. Trademark) 920,00

CA.16.35 FLEXA 37 - M 5 (L=2300) 22.388,00
Automatic single sided edge banding machine

93.07.02 220 volt

93.15.01 Frequency 60 hz

CA.40.20 Electrics 220/230V 50/60Hz 186,00

CA.40.53 Tool kit R=3 mm instead of R=2 mm (standard)
Replaces all standard tools R = 2 mm with tools R = 3 mm.

CA.30.14 Glue scraping unit "GSU" 1.069,00
Allows finishing of plastic edging (PVC/ABS) complete with:
• Vertical disc copiers.
• 2 disposable knives.
• Blowers for cleaning the tools.
• Pneumatic exclusion via a selector switch on the control panel.
N.B. Option for space "1GSC" or "(½)"

CA.90.43 Pallet for M5 model 378,00

08.09.99 Delivery ex factory

10.99.94 Machine language: SPANISH
Total price EUR 24.941,00
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