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BIESSE Skipper V 31 CNC drilling machine
Németország, 33397 Rietberg

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Ár (nettó):  28,450 €


Név: BIESSE Skipper V 31 CNC drilling machine
Termékszám: 580500
Gyártó: BIESSE
Típus: Skipper V 31
Gyártás éve: 2018
Ekkortól elérhető: immediately
Gép minősége: még nem használt / új
Helyszín: Németország, 33397 Rietberg
áfa: plusz áfa
Szállítási feltételek: FCA Rietberg, tehergépkocsira rakodva
Leszerelési és rakodási költségek 450€ (kötelező)
Szállítási költségek: nem tartalmazza
Fizetési feltételek: 100% kifizetés az elhozatalt megelőzően
sorozatszám: 1,000,026,565
mozgási hossz x-tengely: 3,200 mm
mozgási szélesség y-tengely: 900 mm
mozgási magasság y-tengely: 70 mm
főorsó: 4,5KW (ISO30) kW
fúrófej függőleges x-tengely: 5 pieces
fúrófej függőleges y-tengely: 5 pieces
fúrófej vízszintes x-tengely: 4 pieces
fúrófej vízszintes y-tengely: 2 pieces
szoftver: NC-Hops
Hozzávetőleges méretek: 2,500 x 2,200 x 2,600 mm
Tömeg kb.: 900 kg
Exhibition machine / subject to prior sale
ATTENTION Pictures may show accessories not included

- 4.5 kW electrospindle with ISO 30 adapter
- Pair 1000 mm extension for the loading and unloading tables
- Software package Hops

general Product information "Biesse Skipper V31 CNC drilling machine

CNC machining centre - working area in X direction 2500 mm, working area in Y direction 900 mm.

The machine is equipped with 10 individually recallable vertical boring spindles, 6 individually recallable horizontal spindles and a unit equipped with grooving saw - diameter 120 mm - in X direction (BH17).

(min. - max. dimensions)
Length - X 200 - 2,500 mm
Width - Y 70 - 900 mm
Thickness - Z 10 - 70 mm

Max. workpiece weight 35 kg

(*) The possible machining operations must be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the part dimensions (especially the minimum values), the type of material, the surface and the machining operations to be performed. The data written above are therefore only indicative.
(*) Plate width (Y) - Plate length (X) Ratio <= 1.5

(the dimensions - min. max. - refer to the tool axes)

Length (X)
Bore 0 - 2,500 (*) mm
Milling (with electric spindle) 0 - 2,500 (^) mm
Grooves (with saw blade) in X 0 - 2,500 (^) mm
Width (Y)
Bore 0 - 900 mm
Milling (with electro-spindle) 0 - 920 mm
Grooves (with saw blade) in X 40 - 900 mm
Thickness (Z)
Horizontal bores 5 - 35 (°) mm

(*) Option 3,200 mm
(^) With repositioning of the collet
(°) The maximum dimensions are reduced according to the side of the panel to be machined and the positioning of the collet

The data depends on the tool characteristics / workpiece thickness.
Working height from floor: 700 - 750 mm

To guarantee the safety of the operator, the machine is equipped with an enclosure to prevent access to the machining area. The system complies with the safety standards EC 2006/42/EC

The machine bed consists of a vertical support on which the machining unit with individually retrievable drilling spindles is installed and a horizontal support to which the positioning unit for the X-movement of the workpiece is attached as well as the supporting
Work tables.

Sliding over prismatic guides and sliding shoes for X, Y and Z axis. The vertical and horizontal beams are both equipped with a helical rack for high precision positioning by means of gear wheels.

The machine is equipped with a positioning unit for workpiece positioning in X-direction.
This is done by means of a pneumatic collet chuck.
The unit is installed on the horizontal beam. NC-controlled and managed by the automatic multi-positioning of the collet, the machining of the workpieces is guaranteed.
For some machining operations, it may be necessary to position the positioning unit manually by the editor (after checking the feasibility of the machining operations).

The pre-positioning of the workpiece in X-direction (longitudinal positioning of the workpiece) is carried out on the left side of the machine by a stop, which is placed in a fixed position on the left side of the work table. A laser photocell automatically reads the X workpiece reference (zero point); in addition, the same photocell reads the real workpiece length. The workpiece reference in Y direction is given by rollers placed at the bottom.

The machining unit consists of 10 individually callable vertical spindles, 6 individually callable horizontal spindles and a grooving saw unit with saw blade diameter 120 mm in X-direction.
The configuration of the machining unit is as follows:
- 10 individually recallable vertical spindles arranged in a 32 mm grid with grub screw for drill fixing, of which:
o 5 spindles arranged in X direction (32 mm pitch),
o 5 spindles are arranged in Y direction (32 mm grid);
- 6 individually callable horizontal spindles are arranged in X and Y direction and fixed with grub screw for drill fixing, of which:
o 4 spindles are arranged in X direction (2 units with double output),
o 2 spindles are arranged in Y direction (1 unit with double output);
- 1 grooving saw unit diameter 120 mm, direction of rotation right. Fixed working direction in 'X'.

Main specifications:
- Saw blade diameter 120 mm; maximum depth for cuts 25 mm;
- saw blade thickness 4 mm;
- Right direction of tool rotation; tool fixed by screws
- Pneumatic vertical movement.

The machining unit is prepared for the installation of an electro-spindle.
The main worktable is positioned and fixed in the centre of the machine and supports the workpiece during machining; the structure of the worktable is very rigid and the surface is coated with low friction material.
The lateral right and left sliding tables are equipped with rollers to support the longitudinal movement of the workpiece. The tables are inclined at 5° to allow ergonomic and safe operation.

The machine is managed and controlled by a PC equipped with the latest PC control system. The PC and the control buttons are installed on the front of the machine in an ergonomic position for the machine operator.
BiesseWorks Editor - A "high-level" software interface that allows easy and direct programming of the machine:
- Drill and profile programming via a supporting editor, to be carried out on the workpieces;
- Parametric programming of the machining operations;
- Machining optimization with automatic selection of tools, drilling cycles and milling operations for maximum productivity;
- Graphic set-up of the machining unit spindles;
- Management of the tool database;
- Graphic display of the workpiece sides and the relevant machining operations;
- Automatic correction of the X work positions according to the real dimension of the workpiece clamped in the machines;
- Import of DXF/CIX files;
- On-line operating instructions;
- Plain text error display.

* PERSONAL COMPUTER DESKTOP with 19" LCD display Windows XP Professional interface. PC specifications as current market standard

The teleservice allows a fast and direct access to the control of the machine. This makes it possible to check the machine data, user programs, input/output signals and system variables and to install software updates.

* Teleservice is free of charge during the warranty period and beyond

The switch cabinet is located on the front machine bed.
This solution prevents cables being laid on the floor and guarantees easy access to the machine and maximum cleanliness around the machine.

Converter and voltage unit for voltages from 380 - 415 V (+- 10%), 50/60 Hz

- operating instructions;
- programming manual;
- pneumatic and electrical wiring diagrams;
- spare parts catalogue.

4.5 kW (6 HP) electrospindle with ISO 30 adapter
Main specifications:
- Power output from 12,000 - 15,000 rpm in S1 mode: 4 KW (5.4PS)
- Power output from 12,000 - 15,000 rpm in S6 operation: 4.5 kW (6 PS)
- Rotating speed from 1,000 to 24,000 rpm, programmable via NC;
- ceramic bearings;
- Right and left direction of rotation;
- Fast manual tool change;
- Pneumatic movement on linear guides with ball screws;
- The tool holder and collet ERC32 are not included.
Max. diameter of the tool 20 mm

Pair 1000 mm extension for the loading and unloading tables
- 1000 mm extension for the loading table in the machine infeed.
- 1000 mm extension for the unloading table in the machine outlet.
The machinable workpiece length increases from 2500 to 3200 mm.

Software package Hops
Engine licence Skipper V31
(incl. extension terminal positioning)

The warranty of this machine has expired! With the purchase of this machine you agree to this condition. The guarantee can be extended by Biesse at a charge. The costs amount to 2% of the list sales price for a further 6 months. This extension is always calculated from the end of the factory warranty!  
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