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Nome: Centro di tornitura e fresatura CNC GILDEMEISTER TWIN 500
Articolo n.: 503645
Modello / Tipo: TWIN 500
Anno di produzione: 2001
Macchinario disponibile da: immediately
Stato del macchinario:
Ubicazione: Germania, 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
CNC control SIEMENS 840 D
Technical data
max. turning diameter 610 mm
max. turning length 1850 mm
Travel Y-axis (slide 1) 210 mm
Travel B-axis (slide 1) 240 mm
Cross path (slide 1/slide 2) 605/267 mm
Longitudinal path (slide 1/slide 2) 1470/1440 mm
Longitudinal path (slide 3) 1490 mm
Spindle bore 118 mm
Tool spindle speed 4000 1/min
Speed range stepless 20 - 3.200 rpm.
Torque at the spindle 650/1080 Nm
Speed range C-axis 3200 rpm
Rapid traverse (slide 1) 46/24 n/min.
Rapid traverse (slide 2) 24/60 m/min
Total power requirement 130/180 kW
Weight approx. 18.5 t
Space requirement lt AW card (Lx Wx H) 8000 x 4000 x 3200 mm

Main and counter spindle as integrated spindle motor
Differential clamping pressure for main and counter spindle
Drive power each 69 kW (56 - 40% duty cycle)
Separate speed limitation unit for power chuck
Tool magazine 40-fold (permitted expansion of tool magazine by a second chain with further 40 places)
Three-jaw power chuck with bore and jaw quick-changing system FNC 250-72 FORKARDT, incl. attachment parts for main spindle
Holder for counter spindle
Spindle flange with MKS (holder and revolving tailstock center
In-process probe MARPOSS
Blower air controllable alternative to the coolant
Double clamping cylinder
The adjustable setting force of the counter spindle for the tailstock operation is made with the programming function 11 traversing to a fixed stop
Measuring cycles: There is the possibility of measuring with probes at the C-axis.
The 5-axis-simultaneous movement programs the axes: x; y; z; C and B.
4-path bed - roller guides
Compact filter system lnterlit
Additional coolant pump 80 bar, for upper tool carrier
Chip conveyor
Ethernet interface
Peso appross.: 18500 kg
Dimensioni (l x p x a): 8000 x 4000 x 3200 mm
Sovrapprezzo: 15%
IVA: *IVA esclusa
Termini di consegna: FCA Schwäbisch Gmünd, franco autocarro
Costi di trasporto: non incluso
Termini di pagamento: pagamento 100% prima della consegna
Informazioni: 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd

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