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Asta 'KUPER Macchine da magazzino (parte 4)': lotto n. 43 Bordatrice HOMAG KL20/15/QA
Germania, 33397 Rietberg

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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & team
Dettagli del macchinario
Nome Bordatrice HOMAG KL20/15/QA
Articolo n. 563330
Produttore HOMAG
Modello / Tipo KL 20/15/QA
Anno di produzione 1994
Macchinario disponibile da immediately
Stato del macchinario
Ubicazione Mostra sulla mappa Germania, 33397 Rietberg
Mostra sulla mappa
Precision chain guiding device, width of chain plates 70 x 100 mm
driven top pressure with composite belt, motorized adjustable in height

workpiece thickness 8-65 mm without corner coining (optional),depending on
material and size
workpiece thickness 15-35 mm with corner coining (optional),depending on
material and size
workpiece width min. approx. 70 mm without corner coining (optional)
workpiece width min. approx. 120 mm with corner coining (optional)
workpiece overhang adjustable, but min. 65 mm with corner coining

frequency controlled feed speed,
approx. 3 - 10 m/min. without corner coining, depending on
workpiece and substrate
approx. 3 - 8 m/min. with corner coining (optional), depending on
workpiece, panel distance and substrate

total length of machine: approx. 9.200 mm
infeed with roller rail laterally mounted at
chain road, for small parts min. 120 mm

1 x left
stop fence, manually lateral adjustable

2 x left
Profile sanding unit PS 20
For sanding of profiles, rebates and straight edges
- 45 degrees in case of mounting height 490/570 mm
With gap in machine rack +60 degrees with top pressure
For sanding in synchronism ? parallel feed .
Belt length 3200 mm
Belt width 50 - 70 mm
Sanding pressure manual adjustable
Without sanding shoe. Key switch
For motor stop in case of belt changing.
Belt scratch control with optical display.
Belt emission via nozzle.
Sanding belt encapsulation.
incl. Frequency control

1 x left
Belt sanding unit KS 10
For sanding of straight edges
Sanding belt speed 10 m/sec.
Belt length = 2100 mm
Belt width = 120 mm
Sanding pressure manual adjustable
Belt emission via nozzle
Oscillating device
incl. Frequency control

1 x left
Free space for lateral mounting of a brushing unit

1 x left blowing-of nozzle

1 x left
Touchwood-unit KTF-70/V-2
The Touchwood-unit KTF-70/V is especially designed for installation of
Edge processing machines. It coated each kind of profiles at
MDF- or solid wood edges.

Range of use:
Transferfinish-coating in furniture industry

Description of functions
- The single transfer heads can be separately controlled.

- All function parameters are precise adjustable and
exact reproduceable.

- The carrier foil is automatic removed from the coated
edge and wound up.

Technical data:
Transfer witdh max. 70 mm
Working speed max. 5 m/min. per head
Electronic temperature regulation 0 - 400°C (each transfer head )
Electrical connection 400 V, 3 Phasen, 50 Hz, 3,5 kW
Air connection 6,5 bar

Mounted under consideration of a later
installation of a corner coining unit.

Transfer unit incl.
1 set coining wheels

1 x left
Scraping unit glue joint
Removal of glue residuals in range of glue joint.
Tracing from top and bottom.
Height adjustment with top pressure
With hard metal knives
Blowing nozzles electropneumatic controlled
Unit top and bottom max. 50 mm lateral mobile.
Incl. Pneumatic control lateral on manual 8-fold turret

1 x left
Buffing unit top and bottom
For cleaning of changeovers foils and protective layer
2 motors each 0,25 KW
Adjustable in height and inclination
Height adjustment with top pressure
Workpiece thickness max. 60 mm
2 molton discs diam. 150 x 50 x 25 mm

1 switch cabinet, separate, incl. cooling unit

1 operator panel at machine infeed

1 adjustable workpiece support
extractable to approx. 700 mm

1 control 170
Consisting of :
- programmable memory control (SPS)
Programmed on basis SIEMENS Step 7
- decentralized periphery of in- and outputs via profibus
- LED display of all in- and outlets
- integrated line control for contactless
Control of processing units
- interface for SIEMENS ? input panel
Allowed environment temperature min. +5 degrees Celsius
max. +35 degrees Celsius

SIMATIC OP 170B with 5,7" backlight display,
Bluemode (4 steps), based on operating system Windows CE .
- clearly numerical and alphanumerical input possibility
- program memory on optional mutimediacard possible, therefore
Almost unlimited memory size
- fault diagnosis with help texts
- via password protected parameters and service levels
- language German or English
optional if required other languages can be generated
- dimension inpu in mm, optional inch

Air connection: 1/2", min. 7 bar, supply min. 1"

Attention!!! A transport frame from HOMAG is required for transporting the dismantled machine, for which costs of EUR 2000,- plus VAT will be charged. 
After return of the transport rack to SURPLEX, the amount will be refunded minus a value reduction of 10 %. 

The return costs to our warehouse must be paid by the customer. 

The return address is as follows:
Surplex Warehouse
Im Hasseldamm 1
41352 Korschenbroich

The return must be pre advised one week before delivery.

The loading dimensions have been roughly recorded.
If you have a transport request, we must first request it from the seller.
Dettagli tecnici
Dimensioni (l x p x a) 23.000 x 2.400 x 2.200 mm
Peso appross. 15.000 kg
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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova & team
Costi e benefici
Sovrapprezzo 15%
Termini di consegna FCA Rietberg, caricato su camion
Costi di smontaggio e carico 900€ (obbligatorio)
Costi di trasporto non incluso
Termini di pagamento pagamento 100% prima della consegna
Data Lunedi, 02/11/2020 alle
Giovedi, 05/11/2020, ogni giorno
dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 15:00

Venerdì, 06/11/2020 alle
Venerdì, 06/11/2020, ogni giorno
dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 12:00

Lunedi, 26/10/2020 alle
Giovedi, 29/10/2020, ogni giorno
dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 15:00

Venerdì, 30/10/2020 alle
Venerdì, 30/10/2020, ogni giorno
dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 12:00
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