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KIEHNE Posizionatore per saldatura

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Dettagli del macchinario

Nome   KIEHNE Posizionatore per saldatura
Macchinario n.   118543
Produttore   KIEHNE
Anno di produzione   1989
Macchinario disponibile da   Immediately
Stato del macchinario   buono
Ubicazione del macchinario   Germania

Dettagli tecnici


Welding Positioner: Structure and Characteristics
The KIEHNE welding positioner consists of a rotating beam with a turntable attached to its centre. The piece to be welded is then clamped to the turntable. A combined rotation of both the beam and the plate allows for optimal positioning of the workpiece, resulting in convenient and accurate welding and grinding. There is also a control unit to operate the positioner's powerful in-built electric motors, which ensures that the workpiece rotates at the required pace throughout.
With a clamping width of more than 8000 mm, this welding positioner is ideal for manufacturing huge work pieces that have curved surfaces or highly repeatable shapes. It holds weights of up to 25,000 kg, and even this is extendable. The speed range of the device is 0-0.5 mm/rpm and this lets you adjust your welding speed to the optimum level. Its height over floor can be be adjusted from 1800 mm to 3400 mm.

Applications of a Welding Positioner
The welding positioner is particularly useful for power generation, pipeline installations, automotive industry work and other heavy construction projects. Factory workers find this device extremely useful as it helps save time and improves the quality of work, while ensuring their safety when dealing with heavy weldments. People who manufacture spare machine parts or mass produce metal items also find the tilting table indispensable.

Operating a Welding Positioner?
A welding positioner is a tool for an industrial welder. The possibility of operating on very large size weldments make this type of machine capable of completing very high value contracts. For this reason, the work is only suitable for skilled workers with appropriate qualifications. Unauthorized operation may result in severe damage to man, machine or material, which is why care should be taken to ensure an access restriction.

Great Value Used Machinery with Surplex This used welding positioner is in extremely good condition and is a sound investment indeed. Opt for this KIEHNE machine and enjoy tangible results almost immediately.
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