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Segheria NIENKEMPER VBS 16 mit Blockwagen Typ BWH 10

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Termini di consegna: FCA Goldenstedt, caricato su camion
Costi di smantellamento e carico: 7.500€ (obbligatorio)
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Nome: Segheria NIENKEMPER VBS 16 mit Blockwagen Typ BWH 10
Articolo n.: 501609
Produttore: NIENKEMPER
Modello / Tipo: VBS 16 mit Blockwagen Typ BWH 10
Anno di produzione: 1982 - 1984
Macchinario disponibile da: immediately
Stato del macchinario:
Ubicazione: Germania, 49424 Goldenstedt
Dimensioni (l x p x a): 81600 x 2400 x 3900 mm
Peso appross.: 40000 kg
General Overhauled Log Band Saw NIENKEMPER VBS 16 with Log Carriage Type BWH 10 Sawmill / Vertical Log Band Saw

- Nienkemper bandsaw VBS 16 with block carriage BWH 10 was fully overhauled between 2017 and 2018. The overhaul had a value of approx. 110000 € of which approx. 55000 € are spare parts included (for more details see appendix),

- Round timber cross conveyor 5 strands up to 11 m long timber (incl. lifting legs)
Drive shafts for transport chains as well as transport chains for the cross conveyor no longer available, lifting leg equipped with chains and with 3 hydraulic lifting cylinders,
(loading dimensions [mm] approx. 7000 x 2400 x 2500, weight [kg] approx. 6000),

- Nienkemper band saw VBS 16 / general overhauled
the frame for the rollers and the saw blade is completely overhauled (frame, shafts, bearings, electrics or wiring),
the diameter of the roller for the saw blade is approx. 1600 mm, the width of the mounting surfaces is approx. 200 mm and resharpened, the shafts and bearings have also been reworked,
belt pulley diameter approx. 800 mm, mounting surfaces approx. 230 mm wide and resharpened,
frame with two edgers and exhaust for mounting on the band saw, saw blade diameter approx. 500 mm, length of the adjusting shaft approx. 2350 mm, 4 actuator (2 for adjustment in Z-direction, 2 for adjustment in Y-direction),
(Loading dimensions [mm] approx. 2400 x 2400 x 6000 Weight [kg] approx. 6000),

-Block Carriage BWH 10 / general overhauled
the block carriage has a turning function, otherwise the bearings, chains, collets, electrics, running surfaces and rails, feed rails and unit, etc. are fully overhauled,
loading dimension [mm] 10000 x 2400 x 2400, weight [kg] 80000),

- Track frame 24m long rebuilt by Nienkemper
(loading dimension [mm] approx. 6000 x 1800 x 1800, weight [kg] approx. 4000),

- Swing-out set-down roller conveyor 5-strand approx. 3895 mm x 7100 mm
(loading dimensions [mm] approx. 4000 x 7500 x 1000, weight [kg] approx. 4000),

- Roller conveyor with pull-off cross conveyor "left and right" approx. 1100 mm x 12350 mm
(loading dimension [mm] approx. 7000 x 2400 x 2400, weight [kg] approx. 4000),

- lowerable cross conveyor 5 strands approx. 2500 mm x 5610 mm
(loading dimension [mm] approx. 6000 x 1000 x 2500, weight [kg] approx. 3000),

- Stacking aid scissor lift table lowerable approx. 1200 mm x 7150 mm, stroke length approx. 1000 mm,
(loading dimensions [mm] approx. 7500 x 2000 x 2000, weight [kg] approx. 4000),

- Suction device for the band saw (with pipes and fan),

- Log band saw is already dismantled
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