RP 10 Tube Turn Shaping System

생산 라인 for Tube Angles

생산 라인 for Tube Angles

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기계 상세정보

이름   RP 10 Tube Turn Shaping System
기계 번호   358568
기계 구매가능 시기   immediately
기계 품질   비확인
기계 위치   49393 Lohne, 독일

기술적인 세부사항

대략 규격   32,000 x 15,000 x 2,800 mm
대략 중량   40,000 kg


Complete production line for steel pipe bends / elbows,
consisting of roller feed 
length 12000 mm roller width 1000 mm
motor-driven rolls 

metal band saw AMADA H 1080, YOM 1987
hydraulic workpiece clamping 
device passage max. 1000 mm, 
coolant device roller feeding and tilting device roller
with 1000 mm reoller 
length max. 450 mm 

elbow press, YOM 1967
turn dimensions 2 D/SR 20 - 30", 3 D/LR 16 - 42", 5 D 20 - 32",
heating exclusively via induction and natural gas,
hydraulic piston 
diameter max. 420 mm 
piston bar diameter 400 mm,
pressing force 750 mP
noml stroke 5500 mm 
tube passage max. 822 mm 
tube length max. 5400 mm feed max. 0.58 m/min, 
system is ideal for shaping inox WP 91, WP 92, tube punching system, 5 mandrel bars,
1 x diameter 193 mm, length 8100 mm, 
1 x diameter 273 mm, length 8200 mm, 
1 x diameter 362 mm, length 8200 mm, 
1 x diameter 457 mm, length 7750 mm, 
1 x diameter 520 mm, length 8360 mm, 
3 mandrel bars extensions, 
diameter 193 mm, length 6100 mm, 
diameter 260 mm, length 6100 mm, and 
diameter 44 mm, length 6000 mm, 

induction system AEG ELOTHERM RTH-H800/1, YOM 1995
power 800 kW, voltage 20000 V, 50 Hz, power connection 953 kVA, converter 800 kW
consisting of block of transformers, 
block of condensers, 
control unit, 
3 inductors and rail trolleys 

1 gas furnace, YOm 2009 
dimensions 24 - 36", 
heating capacity max. 1100" C, 
rail travel frame, 
furnace head can be adjusted for arbor change via
motor, natural gas supply station, 
platform made of aluminium

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생산 라인 for Tube Angles 생산 라인 for Tube Angles
49393 Lohne, 독일
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