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BIESSE Just/1 Double-sided Edge Banding Line

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Machine details

Naam   BIESSE Just/1 Double-sided Edge Banding Line
Machinenr.   203947
Fabrikant   BIESSE
Model / Type   Just/1
Bouwjaar   2006
Machines beschikbaar vanaf   September 2015
Machinekwaliteit   goed
Machine locatie   Zwitserland

Technische details

Afmetingen ca.   23000 x 11500 x 4200 mm
Gewicht ca.   22000 kg


High Flexible Edge processing line BIESSE JUST/1 for batch 1 production

Main features:

- Complete workpiece processing „in one shot“
- One-time workpiece registration by barcode
- Automatic unloading of finished products in large buffer station
- Safe workpiece observation – by Trekking Concept
- Processs-Synchronous modification of aggregates and formates
- Fully auctomatic workpiece-handling
- Quality control with control for futher operation steps
- Single-man operation with comfortable operatiors guidance
- Double-end tenoner for guaranteed accurancy
- PUR-gluing for perfect jointing with colour changing
- SPV (Supervisor) for complete process control and observation with centralized operators diagnostics

Technical details:

- Length of workpiece min/max. 243/2600 mm
- Width of workpiece min/max. 250/1200 mm
- Workpiece thickness min/max. 12/50 mm
- Smallest workpiece 297 x 130 mm
- Weight of workpiece max. 50 kg
- Edge thickness 0,3 - 3 mm
- Feed rate 10 – 40 m/min


Dynamic machine control based on Windows XP. Human-Machine-Interface SINTRA with full diagnostics system.

Single components of the line:

1. feeding table with barcode reader.

Total length 3750 mm, width 2800 mm. Pneumatically lowerable front fence for perfect workpiece alignement. Automatic barcode-reader from above.

2. Sizing and edge banding line OMNIA FLEXA SB2/12.5.


- Infeed fence with positioning and centering unit
- Double-chipper with anti-splinter unit 5.8 kW and 2 displaced arranged chippers, motor power 5.8 kW
- PUR-gluing unit SP10 with separate PUR-pre-melting unit PUME and colour changing option
- Infra-red workpiece pre-heating
- 24-fold edge magazine with automatic change of edge
- NC-controlled pressure zone
- HL-snipping unit IT90-S with 2 x 0.3 kW with automatic change from straigt cuts to 25° chamfer cuts
- Pre-milling unit RS10 for rough trimming 2 x 1.3 kW
- Combi-milling unit RF40 for chamfer and radius milling 2 x 0.55 kW
- HL-profile-trimming unit AR80 for processing corners with auctomatic 8-time tool changer
- Universal milling unit EB60 for profiling or grooving, 5 kW, 9000 rpm, with 5-time tool changer
- Profile scraping unit ER40
- Flat scraping unit RC10
- Buffing unit SZ40 oscillating with stepless speeds 2 x 0.18 kW

3. fully automatic Vollautomatische turning station GPK2-SP with integrated 90°-angular transfer.

Consisting oft wo transport sections – 1 pc. 2850 x 1440 mm, 1pc. 3500 x 1450 mm. installed power 3 kW, capacity max. 15 cycles/min

4. cross-transport.

2 x 1850 x 3200 mm with workpiece aligner

5. return conveying system

Consisting of 4 sections. 1st section 3200 x 1450 mm, 2nd and 3rd section each 6800 x 1450 mm, 4th section 3300 x 1450 mm

6. gantry-type pick- and place station WINNER.

For picking and placing the workpieces – 180° rotation longitidunal-longitidunal, 90° rotation longitidunal-transversal, carried out by vaccum unit. Max. stacking height 1500 mm.

7. 90°- angular transfer with lifting device

For removal of finished parts onto two different levels. Dimensions 3200 x 1450 mm

8. buffer for finished parts with quality control

Consisting of two roller conveyors – one above the other with final fence. Display-Laserscanner for booking out the finished parts or booking in for further production steps.

9. Interface Supervisor AVANT

Incl. PC, Modem, interfaces, software, etc. used for interface between production planning and production line.

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