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WENZEL RS 1212 Coördinaat meetmachine

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Machine details

Naam   WENZEL RS 1212 Coördinaat meetmachine
Machinenr.   325640
Fabrikant   WENZEL
Model / Type   RS 1212
Bouwjaar   1999
Machines beschikbaar vanaf   immediately
Machinekwaliteit   goed
Machine locatie   66127 Saarbrücken, Deutschland

Technische details

x-beweging   2500 mm
y-beweging   1200 mm
z-beweging   1200 mm
bediening   ZEISS C99 CNC Steuerung
software   ZEISS Calypso 4.8 (upgradefähig)
tafeloppervlakte l x b   2500 x 1200 mm
Gewicht ca.   7500 kg
Afmetingen ca.   3100 x 3500 x 2750 mm


The Wenzel RS is a CNC horizontal arm Measuring Device for the using of trigger, scanner or optical Measuring Systems. This measuring device is mainly used in the automotive- and supplier industry as well as in tool- and mould making industry. Typical parts for the using of the RS are complete vehicle bodies and their single assembly groups, internal plastic parts, seats as well as large volume workpieces of all kinds. The devices are workshop-proved and can be used in production invironment.

- ZEISS comfort control panel
- Zeiss GL-Link connection interface
- Software (Zeiss Calypso 4.8) is installed and will provide free of charge
- with RENISHAW PH10M motorized turn-/swivel head
- with RENISHAW TP20, 6-times probe changing system
- with reference sphere normal
- Precision: MPEp =30µ; MPEe= 30 + L/50 < 80µm

Attention: On request we can offer you the build-up incl. calibration according to VDI VDE 2617, ISO 10360-2, incl. works calibration certificate for a price of 3.200,00 Euro plus travel costs etc..
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