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BIESSE Selco WN 250 / 4500 x 4500 horizontal panel-sizing saw
Duitsland, 33397 Rietberg

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Prijs (netto):  57,300 €
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Machine details
Naam BIESSE Selco WN 250 / 4500 x 4500 horizontal panel-sizing saw
Art. Nr. 580459
Fabrikant BIESSE
Model / Type Selco WN 250 / 4500 x 4500
Bouwjaar 2019
Machines beschikbaar vanaf immediately
Machinekwaliteit nooit gebruikt/ nieuw
Locatie Op kaart tonen Duitsland, 33397 Rietberg
Op kaart tonen
Kosten en baten
BTW excl. btw
Leveringsvoorwaarden FCA Rietberg, verlading op vrachtwagen
Kosten demontage & laden 900€ (binding)
Transportkosten niet inclusief
Technische details
serienummer 1,000,030,592
snijlengte 4,500 mm
snijdiepte 4,500 mm
zaagblad bescherming 80 mm
luchttafel 3
hoofdmotor 7,5 kW
groefzaag yes kW
software Quick-Opti
afmeting plaatsinnname (l x b x h) ca. 6500 x 7600 mm
Afmetingen ca. 13,500 x 2,400 x 2,200 mm
Gewicht ca. 5,000 kg
Exhibition machine / subject to prior sale
ATTENTION Pictures may show accessories not included
  • Electronic device "DIGISET"; 
  • Device for grooving with the main saw; 
  • additional pneumatic collet on the pusher for safe movement of the panels;
  • additional roller support rail with free-running rollers behind the machine table; 
  • automatic measurement of the parts in sequences; 
  • keyboard to start the cycle; 
  • monitor touch-screen 21"; 
  • exchange of the rectangular LKT; 2 x rectangular LKT 1850 x 600 mm; down LKT 1950 x 600 mm; 3 rollers at the end of the rectangular LKT; 3 movable smooth insertion plate 500 x 500 mm; 
  • basic label printer; printer holder for label printer;
  • special software package; 
  • Service package Sophia without maintenance

general product information "Biesse Selco WN 250 horizontal panel-sizing saw" - Product information
Panel sizing saw with CNC control, panel pusher with collets, manual panel feeding onto the front air cushion support tables

This panel-sizing centre has been developed to meet the requirements of reduced space and increased user-friendliness by means of new ergonomic solutions and to consolidate canonical parameters such as cutting quality and dimensional accuracy.
The result is a compact machine whose settings are easily accessible and which requires only one operator, except for the feeding and removal of the material to be processed.

Structure of the machine base
The machine base frame consists of a main part and a secondary part, which are connected to each other by two lateral stands. This bridge-like structure is able to counteract the force exerted by the pressure beam and the weight of the material to be cut.
The main part also serves as the sole sliding support for the saw carriage, which moves on a very hard circular guide (10 years BIESSE guarantee) positioned next to the blade, by means of two prismatic self-centring rollers.
Each prismatic roller corresponds to a counter-pressure roller to ensure perfect contact between the guide elements. The balancing of the whole structure is based on two pairs of flat rollers, which include a calibrated rack for shifting. This results in the total elimination of all vibrations that can affect the quality of the cut.

Saw carriage
The tool slide is made of a steel construction and carries or guides the main saw and the scoring saw. The pneumatic lifting and lowering of each feed unit is guided by prismatic linear guides and slide bearings / ball bearings.
This eliminates all vibrations on the tools and guarantees an improved cutting quality.
The scorer can be adjusted not only vertically but also horizontally in order to be perfectly centered in relation to the main saw. The control can also be adjusted while the saw is running. These solutions allow a considerable reduction of set-up times and the best possible safety for the operator.
A particularly fast and safe tool change is guaranteed by the BIESSE "QUICK CHANGE" quick change system, a registered international patent.
The transmission of motion is ensured by means of a pinion and rack with helical gearing. This guarantees precise movement and is maintenance-free.
The regulation of the feed speed of the saw carriage is automatically managed by the machine control. Alternatively, the operator can set the speed from the control panel by means of the Override knob.

Angle pressing device
The side pressure is carried out by an aligner, which works directly in the cutting line and presses the material against the angular stop. Due to the integration into the saw carriage structure, the positioning is extremely fast and precise. The pressure is infinitely variable at the control stand. With the OSI Plus option, different pressure can be set for different materials. With this system it is also possible to process very thin and flexible materials with reduced cycle time.

Pressure beam device
The pressure beam is driven by two pneumatic cylinders and guarantees a firm and uniform blocking of the panels during the entire cutting cycle, even during the last trimming cut.
In order to guarantee the parallelism of the pressure beam with respect to the worktable and therefore an even holding action on the material, regardless of the panel dimensions, a torsion bar is used, which is combined with the pinions and racks. In order to be able to adapt the action of the pressure beam to both long workpieces (e.g. during longitudinal cuts of the plate) and short workpieces (e.g. during cuts on bars), the machine is provided with two different operating pressures, both of which can be adjusted by means of easily accessible devices.
The part of the pressure beam that is in contact with the surface of the plate is covered with a rubber profile in order to prevent damage to the material and at the same time to allow adaptation to any corrugations of the surface.
The access to the cutting line is monitored by a safety barrier at the front of the pressure beam with independent and transparent sectors (flap) to facilitate the operator's visibility inside the machine. The rotating movement of the flaps allows the cut material to be ejected, while preventing the operator from inadvertently entering the cutting line with his hands.
Another safety feature is the emergency bar on the pressure beam, which interrupts the working cycle when activated.

Slide carriage group
The robust pusher device for plate positioning runs on strong steel guides.
Movement is transmitted by two pinions that act on racks that are also positioned on the guide bar, thus guaranteeing a displacement always perfectly perpendicular to the cutting line. In EC countries the feed speed of the pusher carriage is limited by law to 25 m/min.
The positioning of the carriage is carried out under the direct control of the machine control, using an optical encoder with a double pinion with spring preload that engages a rack. This design eliminates any mechanical play and is insensitive to dust, humidity and magnetic fields. Slide carriage positioning accuracy of ± 0.15 mm over the entire length.
The chucks of the slider are oscillating and independent from each other to avoid pressure on the lower package surface on the machine support surface. The upper clamping end piece is covered with a layer of vulcanized rubber to avoid scratches on the upper surface of the plate pack. The contract surface of the collets with the plates is made up of aluminium stops that can be re-cut during removal to ensure their perfect alignment with the cutting line.
It is possible to cut components of any size, except for the dimensions of the remaining material for the final cut of the component. These dimensions must be greater than 40 mm incl.

Material support surface
In order to avoid abrasion of sensitive panel surfaces, the material sliding surface under the slide consists of independent loose rollers positioned in aluminium extrusion parts.
The machine bed of the cutting unit is covered with plastic laminate panels with high sliding properties.
To prevent damage to the cut material, the front machine area is equipped with a rectangular air cushion table, which is covered with scratch-resistant material. Other table types are available as options and the final configuration depends on the specific processing requirements.

Save Energy
The panel-sizing saw is equipped with intelligent consumption management. Confirmation with a button allows ramp reduction of the moving axes with immediate effect when low production is required. The panel-sizing saw automatically goes into a rest mode after a certain period of inactivity.
Control on PC basis
The standard version of the machine includes a PC with the following data:
- 21" LCD monitor.
- Alphanumeric keyboard.
- Mouse.
- Ethernet PCI network card.
- Intel microprocessor.
- Windows operating system in Italian/English/French/German/Spanish version.
Thanks to the possibility of controlling the machine directly from a standard PC and thanks to the multiprocessor technology and the multitasking operating system, maximum flexibility is guaranteed, as well as the simultaneous execution of several functions (such as: direct control of all the machine axes or the possibility of entering operations while the machine is running); the possibility of using different applications (optimiser, etc.); integration into the company network; etc.
The main functions of the control are:
- Cutting diagrams
The controller can manage complex cutting plans (including longitudinal, cross, head, third and fourth phase cuts - single or multiple cuts) and simulate them graphically.
- Lists
The processing of a list allows a successive processing of all cutting plans contained in this work list.
- Manual cutting
On the screen page "Manual cuts", individual cuts can be entered into the control, which are immediately processed by the machine.
- Simulation
While the cutting plans are being processed, a graphic 2D simulation of the cutting phase in real time and an indication of the cutting dimensions is possible.
- Diagnostics
In the event of any malfunctions or incorrect use of the individual screen pages of the control unit, a message appears on the monitor indicating the causes of the problems.
- On-Line Help
The help page can be called up on every screen page of the controller. Practically the entire operating manual of the control unit is divided between the different screen pages of the control unit.
- Maintenance
Maintenance intervals are stored for the most important machine parts. Every time a maintenance intervention is necessary, a message appears.
- Statistics
Each type of operation is recorded (date and time). The recorded data is used to work out the accumulated machine information.
- Unit of measurement
You can work with millimeters or me.
- Parameters
Based on the machine parameters, the standard configuration can be adapted to the customer's needs. Below are some examples of parameters:
o Table showing the speed of the saw carriage, depending on the package and the edging dimensions.
o Processing of cutting plans depending on the number and position of the collets.
o Automatic management of trimming cuts.
o Loading and unloading position of the panel pusher.
The hardware of the control system allows the storage of practically innumerable cutting plans, lists and sequences.
Additional optional software applications allow the optimization of cutting plans, management of label printing on the machine and detailed statistical information.

The warranty of this machine has expired! With the purchase of this machine you agree to this condition. The guarantee can be extended by Biesse at a charge. The costs amount to 2% of the list sales price for a further 6 months. This extension is always calculated from the end of the factory warranty!  
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