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Veiling 'Warehouse Liquidation of Workshop Equipment Dealer FREUTEK - Free Shipping to most European Countries!': lotnr. 66 FREUTEK LON0004 Tapping machine 30U M6-M30 Italië, 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)

30-06-2022, 10:22 Uur
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Item details
Naam FREUTEK LON0004 Tapping machine 30U M6-M30
Artikelnummer 751742
Fabrikant FREUTEK
Model / Type LON0004
Hot Lot
Artikelen waar veel vraag naar is (10 of meer biedingen)
Bouwjaar 2021
Item beschikbaar vanaf Immediately
Toestand item
Locatie Op kaart tonen Italië, 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO)
Op kaart tonen
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Omschrijving item
The tapping machine is servo driven, with intelligent torque protection, to overcome the traditional limitations of lathe, drilling or manual tapping. Boasting advanced mechanical design, with a variety of processes using in-mold casting, the overall stiffness is strong, durable, non-deformable. The high definition touch screen is simple and intuitive. It can perform vertical and horizontal work of complex and heavy parts, locate quickly and process accurately. Continuous speed change, manual, automatic, with three different working modes. Auto mode can effectively control the touch depth, without the operation button, automatic control by depth controller. Fast repeated positioning, tapping speed, high production efficiency. Voltage: 220V / 50HZ Power: 1200W,0-150RPM. Tap Range: M6-M30 COLLET: M6-8,M10,M12,M14,M16,M18-20,M22,M24,M30

NOTE: Free shipping to many European countries. Details can be found in the Special Terms & Conditions of this auction. Approximate shipping time: 15 working days after settlement. Vertaling tonen
Automatische vertaling
Technische details
afmetingen (l x b x h) ca. 610 x 690 x 200 mm
gewicht ca. 20 kg
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Kosten en baten
Kosten demontage & laden (binding) 203.00 €
Transportkosten niet inclusief
Leveringsvoorwaarden FCA Borgaro Torinese (TO), verlading op vrachtwagen
Betalingsvoorwaarden 100% vooruitbetaling voor afhaling
Informatie Piedmont, Italy

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Datum Dinsdag, 28-06-2022, van 10:00 Uur tot 12:00 Uur
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