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SCHARMANN Heavycut 1.1 CNC Vloerboormachine

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SCHARMANN Heavycut 1.1 CNC Vloerboormachine

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Machine details

Naam   SCHARMANN Heavycut 1.1 CNC Vloerboormachine
Machinenr.   105673
Fabrikant   SCHARMANN
Model / Type   Heavycut 1.1
Bouwjaar   1983
Machines beschikbaar vanaf   immediately
Machinekwaliteit   niet gecontroleerd
Machine locatie   41236 Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

Technische details

spindeldiameter   150 mm
x-beweging   9500 mm
y-beweging   3000 mm
z-as   800 mm
w-as (spindel lengterichting)   700 mm
bediening   Sinumerik 8 M
tafeloppervlakte l x b   2000 x 2500 mm
spindel armatuur   SK 50
bereik draaisnelheid   2,5 - 1250 rpm
toerenbereik   1 - 6000 mm/min
rapid travel bereik   8 m/min
ramdimensies   325 x 325 mm
totaal benodigd vermogen   80 kW
Gewicht ca.   70000 kg
Afmetingen ca.   15000 x 8500 x 7000 mm


Scharmann Heavycut 1.1 - High Tech CNC Floor Type Boring Mill
We have the Heavycut 1.1, a CNC floor type boring mill produced by the well-established German machine tool company Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH, available for purchase. This highly precise machine tool contains six controllable axes, a vertical range of 3000mm and a maximum capacity of 20 tonnes. Scharmann’s high quality machine tools are known worldwide and are considered a top-class performance machine within German engineering. CNC floor type boring mills are used in the machining industry to produce large components.

Technical Characteristics of the CNC Floor Type Boring Mill
Scharmann’s CNC floor type boring mill, the Heavycut 1.1, contains a spindle diameter of 150mm and a SK-50 spindle taper. The spindle sleeve is 325mm x 325 mm. The travelling distances of x, y and z amount to 9500, 3000 and 800 mm, respectively. The spindle’s distance reaches 700mm. The high-end machine tools are equipped with a Siemens Sinumerik 8 M control system. The workpieces are placed on a work table, whose dimensions are 2000 mm x 2500 mm. The engine power is 80 kW; the speed ranges from 2.5 to 2,500 U/min; the feed ranges from 1 to 6,000 mm/min; and the rapid traverse is 8 m/min. The machine weighs around 70 tonnes and its dimensions are around 15,000 mm x 8,500 mm x 7,000 mm.

Accessories and Options for the Floor Type Boring Mill
The machine is available with both a universal milling head and an angle head. Various tool holders, and the face plate, are delivered with the machine. A spindle support bearing and telescopic covers for all the conveyor belts are also available.

Areas of Application for this Type of Machine in Industry
Floor type boring mills are commonly used to process components for machines in heavy industry because they can process workpieces weighing up to 20 tonnes. This includes sectors like renewable energy where, for example, the production of wind turbines requires very heavy and large workpieces to be processed precisely. They are used in other branches of industry including, for example, the ship building industry, and the manufacturing of turbines and generators. The processing of bigger and heavier components can usually be undertaken by the floor type boring machine in one clamping operation. The tool heads are used to carry out drilling and milling work. The angle head provides a particularly comprehensive range of possibilities due to its 6 different machining axes.

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