Licitație 'Decommissioning of the WHIRLPOOL Industrial Site in Naples - Auction 2': lot nr. 3 MIRAMONDI Drum Line For Washing Machine Italia, 80147 Napoli (NA)

17.01.2022, 14:02
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Detaliile utilajului
Nume MIRAMONDI Drum Line For Washing Machine
Numărul articolului 716991
Producător MIRAMONDI
Modelul/ Tipul necunoscut
Articol cu ​​recomandare personală
Video 1
Anul de fabricație 2007
Articole disponibile de la 27/01/2021
Condiția articolului
Locație Afișare pe hartă Italia, 80147 Napoli (NA)
Afișare pe hartă
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Descrierea articolului

For full details see terms and conditions in item description
Participation in this auction will only be possible from 12 January 2022 on payment of a deposit of €50,000.
The deposit shall be paid by bank transfer to the bank account in the name of Surplex GmbH with IBAN DE94 3004 0000 0188 0244 00 and SWIFT (BIC) COBADEFFXXX of Commerzbank AG.

The subjects that will not be awarded any lot will have to communicate IBAN for the restitution of the deposit. The refund will be made exclusively by bank transfer within 3 days of receiving the bank details.

Dismantling and loading with the buyer's own equipment is possible. Individuals who wish to purchase the goods and then scrap them may also participate in the auction. Dismantling and loading means:

  • The complete removal of each component part of the lot as represented in the auction.
  • The collection and proper management of any ordinary, special, hazardous, solid or liquid waste present inside the line or parts thereof.
  • The removal of any object, part, component, accessory, forming part of the line as represented.
  • The cleaning of the pits including suction, handling of residual liquids and washing of the pits.
  • The filling of the pits must be carried out with materials and processes that ensure that the new floor has similar technical and physical characteristics to the existing floor.
  • The area must be completely clean.

Purchasers who wish to carry out the dismantling and loading, as described above, with their own means must pay, within 24 hours of the end of the auction, an additional specific deposit of € 50,000, for each lot awarded, to be paid by bank transfer to the account in the name of Surplex GMBH with IBAN DE94 3004 0000 0188 0244 00 e SWIFT (BIC) COBADEFFXXX of the bank Commerzbank AG. They will also have to pay an assistance charge for dismantling and loading operations of € 500 per day for each lot, until the end of the operations. Buyers wishing to carry out the dismantling and loading of the goods by their own means shall be required to produce the security documents.

The dismantling and loading of the lots must be completed by 18 March 2022. On this date, no remaining part of the lot or personnel of the successful bidder shall be present.

MIRAMONDI Drum production/pressing line For Washing Machine
Composed of :

- Decoiler
- Straightening machine
- Forming presses


Afișează traducerea
Traducere automată
Detalii tehnice
greutate aprox. 1 kg
dimensiuni (l x b x h) aprox. necunoscut
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Costuri și beneficii
Costuri de dezmembrare și încărcare (obligatoriu) 200,000.00 €
Costuri de transport nu sunt incluse
Termeni de livrare FCA Napoli (NA), încărcat în camion
Termeni de plată 100% din plată înainte de colectare
Depozit de securitate Plata cauțiunii este necesară
Informații Viewing by prior appointment only!

Naples, Italy

Address on request only!
Data Vineri, 14.01.2022, de la ora 10:00 la ora 12:00
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