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Аукцион 'KUPER Stock Machines (Part 3)': номер лота 51 Обрабатывающий центр с ЧПУ IMA BIMA 600
Германия, 33397 Rietberg

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21.07.2020, 11:24
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Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova коллектив
Имя: Обрабатывающий центр с ЧПУ IMA BIMA 600
Номер оборудования: 563340
Производитель: IMA
Модель / Тип: BIMA 600
Отличное предложение
Товары с личной рекомендацией
Год выпуска: 1995
Оборудование можно забрать: immediately
качество оборудования:
Место: Германия, 33397 Rietberg
- CNC-Babnsteuerung NUM 1060
- Support beams with suction plates
- 16 controllable stops
- Main milling spindle 7,5 kW
- with C-axis
- 16-fold plate changer
- 5 drilling spindles vertical in "X
- 11 drilling spindles vertical in "Y
- 2 x vacuum pump 100 m³
- 2 adapter units

Travel range of the main spindle:
X= 4200 mm
Y= 1500 mm
Z= 270 mm

Machining area with standard aggregates:
- traversable with tools max. diameter= 150 mm
  X= 4000 mm
  Y= 1200 mm
- max. clamping height from upper edge of suction plate
  Z= 110 mm
- max. workpiece thickness
  Z= 60 - 100 mm
- Working height
  approx. 950 mm without suction plates

Alternating field range:
with pendulum machining : X= 2 x 1500 mm
free space in the middle : X= 1200 mm
without pendulum machining: X= 2 x 2000 mm
free space in the middle : X= 200 mm      

Basic machine BIMA 600:
Statically and dynamically rigid steel construction. On the
Inclined machine bed is the support that can be moved in X-direction
The boom is located on this support. Inside
of the boom, the machining support moves in Y and
The machine bed is designed for better stiffness and
Vibration absorption with a damping means made of-
cast. In addition, this ensures a high thermal
Stability achieved. Due to the inclined bed design
an increased guideway distance is achieved, this
causes an improved static and dynamic
Machine behavior.
The standard table with the integrated chip chute and
the correspondingly arranged stiffening ribs
concentrated chip removal from the work area.
Due to this design, the discharged chips can
can be disposed of by installing a chip conveyor.
This is not necessary for table design with continuous
Table top.

Guide system:
Through hardened profile guide rails (approx. 60 HRc) in all
three axes.
Preloaded rolling bearing elements as supporting and straight guidance systems
in the X, Y and Z axes.

Central lubrication:
Automatic central lubrication for all linear guides
and ball screws. The lubrication cycle is controlled via the
CNC control individually adjustable.

Feed drive system:
All axes (X, Y and Z) position controlled, in
the X-axis by means of backlash-free rack and pinion drive
and in the Y and Z axis with backlash-free ball screws.
The drive is provided by maintenance-free AC three-phase servo-
motors with integrated, incremental measuring system for
Actual value recording.
Path operation 20 m/min

Rapid traverse X-axis 80 m/min.
Y-axis 60 m/min.
Z-axis 25 m/min.

basic machine according to RAL 9002, grey-white
Hoods according to RAL 3001, signal red
Switch cabinet according to RAL 7032, pebble grey

- Central connection: 280 mm diameter the individual suction units
  are equipped with automatic slide controls.
- suction speed: 28 m/sec. required
- suction volume: 6200 m³/h

Compressed air:
Central connection for 13 mm hose with maintenance unit.
Air pressure 6 bar constant required.

Machine weight:
approx. 13,000 kg in the standard version (BIMA 600).

Electrical equipment:
- Electrical installation according to EN, switching elements in a
  separate control cabinet, operating elements in one
  separate control panel
- Safety and protective measures according to CE regulations.
- Control cabinet unit, operator side right.
- Protection class IP 54
- Control cabinet dimensions: (HXBXI) 2000 mm x 1200 mm x 600 mm
- Operating voltage: mains voltage 3 x 400 V + 5% / - 10%,
  Frequency 50 Hz, (if this mains voltage cannot be maintained
  the machine operator must pay the cost of a
  voltage stabilizer can be installed later).
- The electrical equipment of the machine is designed for
  Connection to industrial networks according to VDE 0160.
  networks, a ratio of rated power to short-circuit current is
  Power of 1 to 100 assumed. The operator of the
  Machine should absolutely check with its EVU, whether the
  network on which the machine is operated, these conditions

- loadable neutral conductor
- Control voltage: 24 V (DC)
- Permissible ambient temperature: 5 to 35° C
- Electrical connected load approx. 40 KVA

CNC - contouring control - IMATRONIC 231
CNC-path control with position controlled axes.
Linear interpolation simultaneous of all axes, circular interpolation
of two axes in all three planes (selectable).
Integrated programmable logic controller with status
indication of all inputs/outputs via LED and on the screen
in the control panel.

Control panel with short-stroke keys and integrated 12" LCD
Screen for entering and monitoring all data and
functions. Screen texts in German language.

1. user interface for the creation of CNC. machining
   programs on the CNC control through a comfortable
   graphically oriented user interface IMAWOP with
   following positions:

   - Menu-driven selection of the machining macros such as drilling,
     sawing, milling, etc.
   - Simultaneous finished part graphics are displayed with each programming
     action updated.
   - Path optimization for drilling machining.
   - Very simple, extensive variant programming with
     the possibility to define variables and absolute,
     variable or to be programmed with formulas
     An integrated post-processor ensures that the
     Program creation the program into a DIN code
     (DIN 66025) translated

2. block-oriented programming according to DIN 66025 by
   DIN editor. With subroutine technology, absolute and
   Chain measurement, set repetition, zero offset,
   Parameter programming, conditional and unconditional
   programming jumps, during the machining of a
   another program
   - Automatic correction offsetting for all machining operations
     aggregate. Thus, programming directly after
     drawing possible.
   - Tool data management radius and length value etc.
     for all tools
   - Input mask of the tool data for sawing, horizontal and
     drilling and vertical drilling unit use.
   - 8-digit program number range (alphanumeric)
     and 4-digit subroutine number range (numeric)
   - Automatic, program-controlled mirroring of
     complete machining programs (right/left

- Showing and hiding of program blocks (e.g.
  complete machining cycles) via command probes

- Work list
  For manual specification of the machining sequence with
  Program number, quantity and additional information
  (can be used for variant programming).
  Presetting of max. 12 part programs.
- Graphic simulation of the machining of a workpiece
  parallel to processing or as a test run of another
- Plain text error display for fast troubleshooting
  of control and machine errors.
- Helical interpolation (screw interpolation).
- Partrotation
  angular displacement of complete programs and
  program sections around the programmed zero point.
- Position-controlled axes with optimum acceleration and
  Braking behaviour and drag distance monitoring
  Resolution 0,001 mm

- Automatic reference point traverse of all axes to
  Power failure.
- V 24 (RS 232) Interface

Basic machine: Type BIMA 600
without units, with console table
Safety device, vacuum unit,

Machine equipment and extensions:
Standard table design included:
- 1 right and left fixed support arm with each
  an automatically lowerable support rail and 2
  front stops for contact in the X and Y direction.
- 6 support arms infinitely adjustable in X-direction with each
  a front stop.
- The support arms and vacuum suction plates are individually
  can be positioned to the corresponding workpiece size.
- The adjustable support arms are adjustable by means of disc springs
  and can be released pneumatically.
- The vacuum suction plates are clamped using the 2-circuit clamping system
  fixed, therefore no hoses are necessary.

- 1 vacuum unit: capacity 100 m³/h
- 1 additional vacuum unit: capacity 100 m³/h

- 1 program-controlled vacuum connection per alternating field
  with plug-in strips for suction plate clamping or
  Special suction clamping device

Equipment for 2 seats.

- 1 Static frequency converter 12 kW, 0-480 Hz for
  infinitely variable speed control of all processing units.

Processing units for BIMA 600:
- 1 main spindle
separately mounted and driven
Tool holder: hollow shank HSK-38
Taper diameter= 38 mm
tool feeding: automatic
pull-in force: 11000 N
Direction of rotation: clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
Speed range: infinitely variable 1500 - 18000 rpm
Drive: frequency-controlled three-phase motor
Drive power: 7.5 kW S 6 operation/ 5.5 kW S 1 operation
spindle lubrication: automatic oil/air dosing system

- C-axis 360 degrees

- 1 automatic tool change magazine
  16-fold plate change

1 vertical drilling unit

5 spindles in X-direction
spindle distance: 32 mm
Feed stroke: approx. 45 mm
Drive: 1 kW, 150 Hz
Direction of rotation: clockwise
Speed: 6000 - 9000 rpm
Drill holder: Diameter 10H7
Total drill length: max. 77 mm
Drill diameter: max. 20 mm
Spindles individually controllable
Arrangement in X-direction
pneum. in Z direction: 300 mm stroke
Spindle lubrication: one-time workshop lubrication,

11 Spindles in Y-direction
   otherwise we'll be facing

1 adapter unit saw
Drill 30 mm, 4 drill holes 6.5 mm on pitch circle 60 mm
diameter: 200 mm
Direction of rotation: clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
Speed: max. 9000 rpm
cutting height: 55 mm
Turning range: 360 °
1 adapter unit horizontal drill
Direction of rotation: clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
Speed: max. 6000 rpm
Drill diameter: max. 12 mm
Drill holder: 10 mm
Total drill length: 58 mm
                   with 30 mm drilling depth
number of spindles: 4
spindle arrangement: crosshead
Rotate 360 degrees.

The loading dimensions have been roughly recorded.
If you have a transport request, we must first request it from the seller.
длина обработки по оси х: 4 200 мм
ширина обработки по оси у: 1 200 мм
высота обработки по оси у: 110 мм
расстояние, проходимое по оси X: 5 200 мм
расстояние, проходимое по оси Y: 1 700 мм
расстояние, проходимое по оси Z: 270 мм
ось с: yes
устройство автоматической смены инструментов: 16 fold
главный шпиндель: 7,5 кВ
вакуумный насос: 2x 100 тонн/час
Pазмеры, примерно: 12 000 x 2 650 x 2 800 мм
Приблизительный вес: 7 000 кг
Есть ли у Bас какие-либо вопросы в отношении к машине? Пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами.
Gabriela Angelova (Manager Customer Care)
Gabriela Angelova коллектив
Аукционный сбор 15%
НДС: плюс НДС
условия поставки: FCA Rietberg, погрузка на грузовик
Стоимость демонтажа и загрузки 800€ (обязательное)
Стоимость транспортировки: Не включено
условия оплаты: 100% расчет в форме инкассо
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