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TRUMPF TruLaser 3530 Stroj na rezanie laserom

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TRUMPF TruLaser 3530 Stroj na rezanie laserom

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Náklady a služby

aukčný poplatok   15%
DPH   *plus DPH
Podmienky doručenia   zo závodu, naložené do kamiónu
Náklady na dopravu   neobsahuje
Platobné podmienky   vyplatenie plnej sumy pred vyzdvihnutím

Podrobnosť stroja

Názov   TRUMPF TruLaser 3530 Stroj na rezanie laserom
Číslo stroja   169023
Výrobca   TRUMPF
Model / typ   TruLaser 3530
Rok výroby   2008
Stroj je k dispozícii od   immediately
Stav stroja   neskontrolovaný
Miesto   8853 Lachen, Schweiz

Technické údaje

dĺžka stola   3100 mm
šírka stola   1600 mm
kapacita lasera   3,2 kW
ovládanie   Sinumerik 840D
celková potreba napájania   73 KVA kW
Približná hmotnosť   11500 kg
Približné rozmery   9300 x 4600 x 2000 mm


Additional Details
- Working hours: beam on 1349 h/laser on 5802 h
- X-travel 3000 mm (max. 3104)
- Y-travel 1500 mm (max. 1580)
- X-travel 300 mm (max. 305 mm)
- Z-travel 114 mm
- Max. material thickness 20 mm
- Maintenance-free AC motors in X1, X2, Xp, Y1, Y2 and Z-axis
- Max. positioning speed parallel 120 m/min.
- Simultaneous 170 mm /min.
- Acceleration during positioning X-axis 9 m/sec.
- Xp + Y-axis 15 m/sec.
- Cutting X axis 4 m/sec.
- Cutting Xp and Y-axis 15 m/sec.

Machine no. A0235A0266

Standard equipment
- Closed machine frame with an integrated laser resonator
- Movement unit for an optimal processing speed
- Additional highly dynamic Xp-axis
- Automatic pallet changer
- Closed beam guidance
- NitroLine, high-pressure cutting
- FocusLine, constant focus position
- Compressed-air cutting
- PierceLine, reducing of piercing operation
- PlasmaLine, plasma sensors
- SprintLine, quick processing
- LensLine
- FlyLine
- ContourLine, for production of small holes
- Microweld
- Spraying unit
- Position laser diode
- Programmable cutting gas pressure
- Automatic switchoff
- Workspace lighting
- TruTops Laser lite
- CO2-laser TruFLow 3200 with high-frequency excitation, reflecting telescope and maintenance-free turbo radial blower
- Laser control TASC 3, logbook function and coolant unit
- Laser cutting head with 5” and 7.5“ lense and quick-change device
- ControlLine, capacitive height and process control
- Control Sinumerik 840D: open control
- Causes of error messages via diagnostic function

The machine meets the basic health and safety requirements according to the EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and features the CE-sign.

Light Barriers
Multiple safety light barriers for the protection of the pallet changer.

Monitoring System
An automatic monitoring system controls the smooth operation of the laser. Among other things, the gas pressure, the temperature and the cooling water flow rate are tested.

Multi-Chamber Suction System
The suction system ensures a high suction output in the respective program-controlled suction chamber. For the processing of the spatial workpieces, the bulkhead plates can be taken out.

Compact Dedusting Plant
Suction of the developing smoke and airborne particles. Fine metallic particles are exhausted and filtered in the compact dedusting plant, coarse particles are collected in a separation tank. A continuous cleaning cycle ensures an optimal utilization of the filter performance. The compact dedusting plant is equipped with a spark pre-separator.

Exhaust Air System
For the processing of stainless steel with the alloying components chrome and nickel, the German Technical Regulations for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 560 only allows the return of the exhaust air of the compact deduster in the working area provided that an official certificate of exemption is available. Generally, an exhaust air conduction to the outside is to be provided. Outside of Germany, the respective national regulations of the machine operator for the exhaust air conduction must be observed.

Machine Housing
The machine housing with macrolon disks meets the security requirements of the laser safety class 1.

Extended Machine Equipment
- Pallet change system
- Laser cutting heads 5" & 7,5"
- Additional laser cutting head with 3.75” lense for high-speed cutting
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