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Aukcia 'Surplex Woodworking Auction (September I)': č. šarže 199 PRIESS-HORSTMANN BAT-DTW-CNC "C" CNC Technology

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Maximilian Berger
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Číslo stroja: 489705
Model / typ: BAT-DTW-CNC "C"
Rok výroby: 2001
Stroj je k dispozícii od: immediately
Stav stroja:
Miesto: Nemecko, 57368 Lennestadt
PRIESS-HORSTMANN BAT-DTW-CNC "C" CNC Technology - Mach.Nr.1498

commissioned drilling and pressing of cup hinges and drilling of handle and lock holes and markings for special fittings and additional holes on top and bottom of doors.
The basic machine consists of a solid, torsion-resistant frame with precision guides to hold the units.

CNC screen control

about 12kW.
Maintenance unit: R 1/2 "with pressure switch and lift reservoir, operating pressure 6-7bar.

Extraction: min. 23 m / sec air velocity at the respective nozzle of the aggregates (erf.Unterdruck 2200 Pa.)

Workpiece dimensions:
- Length: min.300mm / max.2500mm
- Width: min.200mm / max.800mm
- Thickness: min.16mm / max.30mm
- Workpiece width NOT wider than length

Working height: 970mm

Servo / Positioning System:
Setpoint and actual value output and display for the axes by the CNC control. Positioning via ballscrews with backlash adjusted nut and highly dynamic digital three - phase servomotors with clocked 4 - quadrant controllers Process speed: 70 m / min. (X / Y-axis)
Drilling clock about 2sec.
Press-in approx. 3sec.

Operation of the machine: The workpiece to be machined is placed manually on the inlet roller conveyor in front of the drill and pushed against the longitudinal stop. After pressing the start button, the workpiece is transported into the machine and then pushed over the positionable stop X1 in the longitudinal direction under a Meßlichtschranke, aligned in the transverse direction and thereby checked for compliance with the length and width tolerance. If length and width o.k. are, the workpiece is clocked via the stop X1 by the processing station. Machining is done from the top and / or from the bottom (see machine equipment). The finished part is pushed onto the exit table, raised (partially turned) and then manually reworked on the worktable.

Aggregates from below:
- 1 drilling and injection unit with guide and insertion tool, magazine, three - spindle drilling gear and suction hood (nozzle 80mm) drilling unit 1.6kW / 3000 rpm - 1 triple change station with three quick change magazines and automatic reversal by the computer. - 1 press-in unit for one sort of lock cases. The holes are made with three spindles of the controllable gearbox. Feeder via magazine.
- 1 carriage with a drilling unit (1.6 kW / 3000 rpm), equipped with a combined drilling gearbox with 5 + 3 individually controllable spindles (n = 6000 rpm), with drilling direct mount (shank D = 10mm, L = 57mm). 2 suction hoods with connection D = 80mm. Arrangement 5 spindles in Y and 3 spindles in X direction.

Aggregates from above:
- 1 slide with a Bohraggrat (1.6 kW / 3000Upm), equipped with a combination drill with 5 + 3 individually controllable spindles (n = 6000 rpm), with Bohrerdirektaufnahme (shank D = 10mm, L = 57mm). 2. Extraction hood with connection D = 80mm. Arrangement 5 spindles in Y and 3 spindles in X direction.
Približné rozmery: 9300 x 3900 x 2100 mm
Približná hmotnosť: 3500 kg
aukčný poplatok: 15%
DPH: *plus DPH
Podmienky doručenia: FCA Lennestadt, naložené do kamiónu
Náklady na demontáž a nakládku: 650€ (záväzné)
Náklady na dopravu: neobsahuje
Platobné podmienky: vyplatenie plnej sumy pred vyzdvihnutím
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