Used FANUC robots R-2000iA - three types!

Used FANUC robots R-2000iA in wide choice
FANUC robot, type R-2000iA/125L
Used FANUC robot R-2000iA: type 125L
FANUC robot, type R-2000iA/165F
Used FANUC robot R-2000iA: type 165F
FANUC robot, type R-2000iA/200F
Used FANUC robot R-2000iA: type 200F

Many robots, many opportunities

If you are looking for a used FANUC robot for your production, then you will find it at Surplex! Whether palletizing robots, welding robots or handling robots – at Surplex you will profit from a broad selection in excellent quality; if desired, larger number of units are also available. We offer complete solutions from one source and continue to provide support up right to the delivery.

Superior quality, great price

Founded in 1956 in Japan, the FANUC Robotics today develops industrial robots and automation for industrial sectors worldwide. In daily operations around the globe, open control and software systems from FANUC have proven to be efficient and highly reliable. This has resulted in increasing market shares in traditional German sectors such as the automobile industry and machine construction. With your decision to purchase the FANUC robot of the R2000iA series, you will profit from the technological edge of the market leader. And with your decision to buy from Surplex, you will ensure a critical price advantage while saving costs and not skimping on quality.

FANUC R2000iA from Surplex: Checked up, tested and used very little

The highly versatile FANUC R2000iA series covers to a large extent the scope of applications of the R2000iB, S430iW, S420i and M410 models. However, they are much more powerful, more reliable and require less maintenance.

Also benefit from:
• fast working cycles
• low probability of failure
• small arm design (can be used in small spaces)
• large working area
• work is also possible rearwards and overhead (165R!)
and many other advantages.

The Surplex offer is as strong as the technology of this industrial robot. When delivered, this all-rounder will have been checked up, tested with only very little operating hours!

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Spot welding, palletizing, handling

The 6 axle FANUC R2000iA/165Fand R2000iA/200F robots feature an Internet-based remote control, the intelligent robot control system R-J3iB, RV reduction gear on all axles and cable routes in the arm. Thanks to their large working range and fast motion sequences these robots can be used for all purposes. The software can be installed for a specific process contributing a lot to the flexibility.

The FANUC R2000iA is, amongst others, ideally suited for the following applications:
• Spot welding (automotive)
• Transport of parts
• Removal of material
• Loading of machines
• Arc welding
• Industry in general

Whatever production project you want to automate - FANUC robots of the R2000ia series are the right choice!

FANUC R2000iA – exactly your type ...

As the successor of the S-430 series, the FANUC R2000iA is characterised by a high load capacity, manoeuvrability and range. However, it is much more powerful and flexible. Make the R2000iA series the reliable and cost-efficient centrepiece of your production. There is a matching type for each of your projects.

Our product range includes the following:
Type 165F (Standard):
Year of manufacture: 2002, load capacity: 165 Kg, range: 2650 mm, control: R-J3iB
Type 200F (increased load capacity)
Year of manufacture: 2002/2003, load capacity: 200 Kg, range: 2650 mm, control: R-J3iB
Type 165R (ceiling suspension)
Year of manufacture: 2002, load capacity: 165 Kg, range: 3095 mm, control: R-J3iB

You choose and we will deliver immediately. Used FANUC robots with so few operation hours are hard to find on the market. Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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Mr Huy Trinh, Phone: +49 211 422737-19.

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