Used Coating Plant, Y.o.m. 2007

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Used coating plant - as new!

For innovative investments, such as in fuel cell manufacturing, we offer an used » COATEMA coating plant.

The coating plant for nickel foam was driven by MTU just in a trial run. It is therefore as good as new!

Used coating plant - technical details

• substrate: COIL nickel foam
• length approx. 80 - 300 m
• foam thickness approx. 1.6 mm
• coil unwinding with
internal/external dia.: 300/1000 mm
• working width: 700 mm
• roller width: 800 mm
• speed, mechanical: approx. 1 - 10 m/min.

Used coating plant - find out now!

Find more techn. details, pictures and PDF download » here. We look forward to receiving your price request!

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