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OM XD 40 Diesel - forklift

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Cena in ugodnosti

provizija dražbe   15%
DDV   *plus DDV
Pogoji dostave   ex works, naloženo na dostavno vozilo
Cena prevoza   ne vsebuje
Pogoji plačila   100% plačilo pred prevzemom

Podrobnosti stroja

Ime   OM XD 40 Diesel - forklift
Številka stroja   171844
Proizvajalec   OM
Model / Vrsta   XD 40
Leto izdelave   2008
Stroj na voljo od   by arrangement
Kakovost stroja   delujoče
Lokacija stroja   20020 Buccinasco (MI), Italien

Tehnične podrobnosti

kapaciteta obremenitve   4,0 t
Približne mere   1500x3500x2700 mm
Približna teža   7000 kg


• Serial Number: F14156W00038
• lifting bridge: triplex
• Lifting height: 5700 mm
• Hight min: 2700 mm
• Working Hours: 7430 h
• Forks lenght: 1200 mm

OM XD 40 Diesel Forklift

If you are looking for a used forklift that has been designed for heavy work and at the same is suitable for other applications within a storage facility or an industrial setup, the OM XD 40 diesel forklift is the right choice. This used forklift is sturdy, reliable and offers top-class versatility. It is ideal for an indoor and outdoor application as it is not only fuel efficient, but also offers low CO2 emission levels. The OM XD 40 is among the OM range of diesel powered forklifts with capacities ranging from 4000 kg to 5000 kg characterized by strong points of compactness, manoeuvrability and large residual capacities during the lifting process.

Features of the XD 40

The OM XD 40 used forklifts feature a Full Suspended Cab (FSC) system which is specifically designed to offer protection to the operator through the reduction of vibration and noise levels. The forklift also features hydraulic levers situated at the operator's side. Its acceleration and brake pedals are located in the same position as they are in a car and its perfect visibility means that the operator gets a comfortable ergonomic working position for easy driving. The chassis of the XD 40 diesel forklift has been designed using a CAD-3D system and the Finite Element Method (F.E.M) calculation method hence it has more torsional rigidity. This makes the XD 40 to be one of the few used forklifts with better stability. The incorporated Iveco NEF diesel engine offers high performance with its 60 KW power output at 2200 rev/min. Furthermore, the new hydrodynamic transmission system with an incorporated torque converter makes the XD 40 forklift ideal for use in both loading and unloading of goods plus their transportation along long aisles.


The OM XD 40 is a typical four wheel counterbalanced forklift capable of handling a load capacity of up to 4000 kg. Its maximum lift height is 4.2 meters and can achieve a maximum speed of 25 km/h.


This forklift is a powerful and capable of meeting most of today's requirements for lifting heavy loads. It offers a complete safe driving comfort complete with top-class versatility.
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