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STILL RX20-16 Electric - forklift

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Cena in ugodnosti

provizija dražbe   15%
DDV   *plus DDV
Pogoji dostave   ex works, naloženo na dostavno vozilo
Cena prevoza   ne vsebuje
Pogoji plačila   100% plačilo pred prevzemom

Podrobnosti stroja

Ime   STILL RX20-16 Electric - forklift
Številka stroja   171870
Proizvajalec   STILL
Model / Vrsta   RX20-16
Leto izdelave   2007
Stroj na voljo od   by arrangement
Kakovost stroja   delujoče
Lokacija stroja   20020 Buccinasco (MI), Italien

Tehnične podrobnosti

kapaciteta obremenitve   1,6 t
Približne mere   1200x2000x2160 mm
Približna teža   4000 kg


• Serial Number: 516211014209
• lifting bridge: duplex
• Lifting height: 3375 mm
• Hight min: 2160 mm
• Working Hours: 6048 h
• Forks lenght: 1200 mm
• Charger: No
• overhauled and repainted

STILL RX 20-16 Electric Forklift for a range of operations

The STILL RX20-16 Electric Forklift is a powerful industrial truck that can be used to move materials over a short distance. It is a 1.6 tonne capacity model and is considered the best in this category. The machines are controlled by levers by operating the hydraulic values. The forklifts are powered by batteries, diesel, gasoline and propane.


The STILL RX20-16 Electric Forklift has an electric power supply. It has driver seated control and the carrying capacity is 1600. The lifting height is 3375 mm and the fork length is 1200 mm. It has a simple side battery change and this is beneficial for customers looking to buy used forklift. The risk of injury is reduced as the hoist is no longer necessary. As the battery can be changed fast, it helps improve productivity. It has a variable speed control facility. This is ideal for applications where there is a speed limit on the site. A clear view mast allows the driver to know what is been loaded. The coupled rear wheels are close together and this helps provide circle turning advantage if space is at a premium. The STILL RX20-16 used forklifts have a three phase drive and this helps in minimising noise and optimising energy. A high powered output is provided as it consistently operates on the front wheel. The newly developed control system can help the driver manoeuver the forklift even on uneven surfaces.

Where The Machine Can Be Used?

The electric forklift can be used in airports, warehouses, shipping yards, freight terminals and storage buildings where heavy load and material need to be loaded and transported. You may also find them in many commercial settings so that goods can be moved from one place to the other easily.

What Is The Use Of The Machine?

The used forklifts are available in various load capacities and you can make the choice depending on the type of industry you intend to use it. The used forklift is an ideal choice for both indoors and outdoors works. The maintenance requirement for the forklift is 12 months or 1000 hours. The STILL RX20-16 can be customised to match the application easily. Many variations are possible due to this. Depending on the demands of the operation (load weight, headroom and battery capacity), you can make the choice of an efficient handling system.
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