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Dražba 'KUPER Stock Machines (Part 4)': serijska št. 62 PRIESS UND HORSTMANN BAT III-CNC Obdelava pločevine
Nemčija, 33397 Rietberg

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Kalkulator skupne cene
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Podrobnosti stroja
Številka stroja 563862
Model / Vrsta BAT III-CNC
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Video 1
Leto izdelave 2004
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Kakovost stroja
Lokacija Prikaži na zemljevidu Nemčija, 33397 Rietberg
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Single-station machine, for drilling and
Pressing in of hinges and drilling of handle holes,
Additional drillings as well as grain sizes for special fittings on
Doors and fronts.

The basic machine consists of a solid, torsion-resistant
rigid frame with precision guides to accommodate the

Switch cabinet for the machine control (control of electrical
pneumatic) can be set up separately (cable length approx. 2m).

Electrical connection: 400V +/- 10%, 50 Hz (3 phases with
                 loadable neutral conductor), approx. 13 KW.
Maintenance unit: R 1/2" with pressure switch and air reservoir,
                 Operating pressure 6-7 bar. Supply line min. 1".

Extraction: min. 32 m/sec air speed at the
                 of the respective connecting piece of the aggregates (erf.
                 negative pressure 2200 Pa.).

Painting :
Machine and switch cabinet pebble grey (RAL 7032)
Supports and protective grids fire-resistant (RAL 3000)
Motors and exhaust hoods matt black (RAL 9005)

workpiece dimensions:
- Length: 250 mm ..... 1500 mm
- Width: 190 mm ....... 600 mm
- Thickness: 16 mm ....... 25 mm

working height: 1000 mm

cycle times:
 approx. 3 sec.

per drilling cycle and approx. 200 mm travel: 
approx. 2 sec.
approx. 3 sec.

Servo positioning system:
Nominal and actual value output and display for the axes by
the CNC - control. Positioning via ball screw spindles
with backlash-free adjusted nut and highly dynamic,
digital three-phase current - servo motors with clocked 4 -
Quadrant regulators.

Traversing speed: approx. 60 m/min (X axis),
                        approx. 50 m/min (Y axis).

CNC - screen control:
Comfortable CNC screen control with TFT colour monitor
and dust-proof foil keyboard, installed in the switch cabinet.
Control unit make Ferrocontrol.

Practice-oriented and proven operating software with
Screen user guidance for all input and control functions
functions, with function keys whose meaning in
explained in plain text on the screen.

The workpieces are called for production via
a multi-digit drilling code, max. 8 digits, which is identified by
Variant programming, additional parameters, part dimensions,
stop and number of pieces can be extended.

The input can be entered in a rolling preset field (max. 250
sets) manually via keyboard or for an additional charge via
BAR-Code or ON-Line from the PC (see below)

Program memory for the current main program and for
250 subroutines. External PC (to be provided by the customer)
as storage and programming location for the drilling data.

Integrated, freely programmable control (FPS) to
to achieve optimum processes and maximum operational reliability.
Fault diagnosis via LEDs and plain text displays in
screen, special service - routines for easy

Machine equipment (A):
1) 1 serial interface (RS 232), for connection of a
    master computer, incl. plastic optical fibre
    (max. 100 m) and interface converter.
    Cable laying within the plant by P+H, in
    cable ducts or similar by the customer.
    This interface is used to generate production lists and
    Transfer drilling programs to the machine.

2) 1 serial interface (RS 232), for the connection of a
    analogue modems for remote maintenance. The modem belongs to the
    Scope of delivery, the customer must provide a PC on the machine
    TAE junction box must be provided. The telephone
    lines to several controllers should be connected to one
    central point (e.g. foreman's office)
    and here if necessary by replugging or switching
    can be connected to a direct-dial exchange line.

3) 1 PH2000 programming software, for PCs with operating
    system from Windows 98 onwards, WIN2000 recommended.
    Minimum requirements: Pentium II processor 500MHz,
    64 MB RAM, 1 GB free hard disk space, serial
    Interface (COMl, COM2), floppy disk drive
    3,5"(1 ,44 MB), VGA- colour screen 17" with 800x600
    Pixels, CD-ROM drive. Software is supplied by
    Programming training course available in advance on CD-ROM
    provided, duplication only for internal use

    The software is a uniform user interface
    for the creation of subroutines, modules and
    Main programs. As an extension, input and
    Maintenance of production data possible. The operation takes place
    as usual with Windows programs via mouse and keyboard.

    The software is network compatible. The data is stored in
    of an ISAM database. Import and Export
    of ASCII files is possible.

    Scope of functions:
    - Creating and changing main programs (HP),
      Subroutines (UP) and blocks (BS).
    - HP name: 8 digits.
    - BS name: 5 digits, numeric(0000l...99999).
    - UP name: 3 digits, numerical (001-250).
    - Variants: 4-digit.
    - Windows usual help functions.
    - Assembly of main programs only from blocks
    - Graphical representation of the main programs for the drilling pattern
      Control, incl. possibility of printing
    - Assembly of blocks from subroutines,
      the comment from the UP is displayed after each
      bar is inserted, so that the meaning is immediately
      is recognizable.
    - Schematic representation of the tool assembly via
      Help window can be displayed
    - Search for specific program names or comments
    - Printing of HP, UP, BS, individually or in definable
    - List table of contents of HP, UP, BS or
      print: program name, comment, date,
      Processor, length and width
    - Transferring the programs via the interface to the
      Machine control, (cable laying by customer).
    - Software on CD-ROM, duplication only for own use.
      Use permitted (PC by customer).

4) 1 Extension of the PH2000 programming system, for
    Creation and editing of a production list,
    Details by arrangement. Extension of the machine
    control for taking over the drilling pattern numbers from the
    Cabinet list via the serial interface from
    PC. Editing possibility for the list, thus variants,
    Special dimensions etc. can be added by the operator.

5) 1 single place machine consisting of a fixed
    support table on the left and one on workpiece length
    adjustable support table on the right.
    Adjustment of the right support table via a
    Servo positioning system (X2 axis). With the clamping
    of the workpiece is done automatically without loss of time
    a measurement of the part length and thus also the
    Averaging of certain programmed clocks.

6) 1 automatic feed system for the workpieces. The
    Parts to be machined are placed in front of the machine    
    and then pneumatically moved into the machine and moved to
    of the machining process. This causes the
    Handling, especially for narrow parts essential

7) 1 Check of the part width via light barriers,
1 special control unit for doors up to 700mm wide through
    turning and double insertion are processed

8) 1 control panel without display on the left support table,
    Protection of the insertion area via a safety
    Light barrier. Safety guard around the machine with a
    Rear door secured via switch with guard locking
    left or right

9) 1 cross slide with precision guides for
    Adjustment of the additional units in machine depth
    with servo positioning system (Yl-axis).

10th) 1 servo positioning system (XI axis)

11) 1 C-shaped holding frame with precision guides for
     Mounting of the drilling units at the top and bottom, on the
     Cross slide pos. 9 assembled.

Aggregates from below:
12) 1 cross-slide below with servo axis Zl. Therewith
     the drilling units at the bottom, also the hinge-
     drilling unit, with different drilling depth
     and drilling speed controlled via / program

13.) 1 drilling unit (1,6 kW/3000 rpm) with 9 single
     controllable spindles (n= 6000 rpm), with
     Drill direct mounting (shank D=10 mm, L= 57 mm).
     Suction hood with socket D=80 mm.
     Arrangement of 9 spindles in Y-direction.

14) 1 drilling gear, 3 spindles, BA 45/9.5 for
     Cup hinges, on the Bolu unit Pos. 13
     built up, with additional clamping cylinder on top.

15) 1 support table can be steered up from below, with the drill-
     unit moving from below, max. filling level
     internal 10mm, with 3 (2) suction connections d=80 for
     the combi-drill unit below.

16.) 1 press-in unit for cup hinges (Blum Standard
     Clip). Feeding via a forward cranked,
     travelling magazine, which can be moved during the production of
     can be infested at the front.

Aggregates from above:
17) 1 drilling unit for handle or additional drilling of
     upstairs. End position sensing with contactless end-
     switches (initiators) from above drilling with
     Impression cylinder from above

18) 1 drilling gear for the drilling unit (pos. 17)
with 3 individually controlled spindles (n= 6000 rpm),
with direct drill holder (shank D=lOmm, L= 57mm).
     Suction hood with socket D=80mm.

19) 1 space preparation for the subsequent installation of a
     Milling or drilling units from above.

20.) 1 drilling unit (B80 Hubl00, 0,75 kW) for pinhole-
     drill holes, drilling horizontally from the rear edge,
     with highly controllable support table below and clamping
     cylinder from above. Drilling depth and drilling speed
     and also machining cycles are possible via the Y-axis
     programmable. In the height (Z-axis) the aggregate
     manually adjustable by means of spindle and hand wheel. For
     Pin holes on the transverse edge (e.g. on doors) must be
     the part after the horizontal bores by 90°
     can be turned.

21) 1 suction collector with 5 nozzles D=80 for connecting the
     individual units at the bottom and top, with a
     central connection pipe D= 160 mm for the
     suction by the customer. On the slide of the axis Yl

The loading dimensions have been roughly recorded.
If you have a transport request, we must first request it from the seller.
Tehnične podrobnosti
Približne mere 8,500 x 2,600 x 2,500 mm
Približna teža 4,300 kg
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provizija dražbe 15%
DDV plus DDV
Pogoji dostave FCA Rietberg, naloženo na dostavno vozilo
Cena demontiranja in nalaganja 600€ (binding)
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Pogoji plačila 100% plačilo pred prevzemom
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