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Forklifts for industrial purposes

Are you looking for a forklift to help you with the tasks of loading, lifting and transporting in your workplace in order to avoid having stock issues?

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Our series of electric forklifts are currently in Milan; they have been checked and their operation is guaranteed. Their manufacture years are between 1996 and 2011, and the models are Simplex, Duplex or Triplex lifting bridge with a load capacity of 1 – 4 tons and a maximum height between 130 and 9625 mm.

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OM Forklift

Wide variety of offers outside our auction market

You can also visit our forklifts section, where you will find a great offer of different kinds of forklifts: Electric Forklifts, LPG Forklifts, Diesel Forklifts, Lift Trucks. Regardless of their use, you will always find the machine that best suits your needs on our forklifts section.

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  1. Explanation of the term “forklift”
  2. The function of a forklift
  3. Requirements for operating a forklift
  4. Types of forklifts
  5. Overview of forklift manufacturers
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Explanation of the term “forklift”

A forklift is a vehicle, which is used to stow and transport loads within a facility. Forklifts are a type of engine-powered industrial truck. They are available in a variety of designs.

The function of a forklift

A forklift is a vehicle, which is operated by a driver. Forklifts contain a lifting movement with a movable fork, a drive unit, a counterweight and a driver's seat with a control panel. The height of the fork can either be adjusted manually or hydraulically, so that it sits at the right height to receive the loads. The lifting mast of the fork is hydraulic on all forklifts. A variety of systems can be used to power a forklift. Small forklifts, which are usually used in the food industry, contain a small electric engine. Mid-sized forklifts usually have a gas engine because these engines have minimal emissions, which makes them suitable for indoor use.

  • Vehicles used to stow and transport loads
  • The size and type of engine depends on where it will be used
  • A possible lifting capacity of several tonnes
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However, when using a gas engine it is important to ensure that the room is sufficiently ventilated, because a gas engine also emits CO and CO2. Diesel engine forklifts are used in heavy-duty industry. These have a lifting capacity of several tonnes and can transport coils, steel ladles and steel slabs without any problems. In order to lift loads, forklifts require a certain amount of space between the load and the floors. In most cases, this space is created by use of a wood pallet. Even though they are identified as a type of “industrial truck”, there are forklifts that can be used outdoors. Forklifts that are particularly suited for rough terrain are called “terrain trucks”.

Requirements for operating a forklift

It is important to apply for an industrial truck license before operating a forklift. This includes a comprehensive, theoretical training component as well as practice. In addition to the restricted view because of the lifting unit, the main difference in driving a forklift is steering. Forklifts are generally steered via their back wheels. This makes driving and turning much more different than a normal automobile. Additionally, the centre of gravity of each forklift is important to note. This is created by the counterweight, which is a construction available in all forklifts. This means that there is a higher risk of tipping over when turning very sharp corners or driving too quickly.

Types of forklifts

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Long and panel-shaped products are efficiently moved using a side loader. These vehicles, that take up the loads from the side, are widely available in the wood and sandwich panel industries. They have a more complex construction than other forklifts, but are able to transport products particularly safely and efficiently. Reach trucks are most commonly used when working within tight corridors. These particularly compact lifting vehicles can be just as easily operated moving forwards and backwards, and have a particularly tight turning circle. They are commonly equipped with very high lifting masts, so they are particularly suited for distributions centers.

Overview of forklift manufacturers

Well-known manufacturers for electric forklifts and reach trucks are STILL, LINDE, JUNGHEINRICH and NISSAN. Recommended suppliers for mid-range forklifts include LINDE, CLARK, YALE and KOMATSU. Large and special forklifts are available from RUDOLF MAXEIN, ZEPPELIN and BULMOR.

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LINDE H 35 T –BR 393 Plinski viličar LINDE H 35 T –BR 393 Plinski viličar
31137 Hildesheim
7,500.00 €
11.04.2017 10:25
CESAB DRAGO 200 Dizelski viličar CESAB DRAGO 200 Dizelski viličar
06073 Corciano (PG)
4,700.00 €
LANSING H 25 T Plinski viličar LANSING H 25 T Plinski viličar
73235 Weilheim Teck
2,800.00 €
28.03.2017 10:33
STILL EFG 1.2 Električni viličar STILL EFG 1.2 Električni viličar
49459 Lembruch
900.00 €
27.03.2017 11:05
VARTA multi B Charger VARTA multi B Charger
69168 Wiesloch
80.00 €
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