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STAUBLI TX200 3D printing Robot

STAUBLI TX200 3D printing Robot
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The auction is closed
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STAUBLI TX200 3D printing Robot
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Video 1
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Belgium, 8000 Brugge
Dismantling & loading costs (optional)
1,500.00 €
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not included
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EXW Brugge, ex foundation, unpackaged
Payment terms
100% payment prior to collection
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In the case of a cross-border supply, the amount of tax due is initially retained by the deposit shown on the invoice.
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Approx. Onsite Dimension. (l x w x h)
2,000 x 1,500 x 1,500 mm
weight approx.
1,000 kg
  1. Overview:
    • Robot: Staubli TX 200 with approximately 600 work hours
    • Pedestal (Sokkel) for the Staubli robot, 900 mm height (new)
    • Control Cabinet for the robot (new in packaging)
      • Includes connection cables and MF handheld
    • 3D Installation – Pellet Extruder (Large Size) with approximately 20 work hours
      • Includes: 2 servo motors, aluminum gearbox, reserve compound, extruder screws, support and spare parts (brackets, bolts, nuts, screws), a series of nozzles and nozzle fittings, reserve heating elements, etc.
    • 3D Installation – Labotec Dryer on wheels with approximately 20 work hours
      • Includes: 12 units of 60-liter airtight blue containers for storing dried pellets, circulation vacuum cleaner, industrial scale
    • 3D Installation – Technical Print Bed Table made of aluminum
  2. Additional Components:
    • Various flanges and fasteners
    • Mounting bracket for the extruder
    • Airtight barrels (60 liters each) for storing pellets for the dryer (estimated 18 pieces)
    • Several bags of printing material
    • Numerous spare parts for the extruder
  3. Condition:
    • The entire setup is fully programmed and equipped with numerous licenses to ensure seamless operation.
    • Overall, the installation is almost brand new, with a total of approximately 600 hours of operation, primarily for test purposes.
    • Parts such as the control cabinet, foot, and dryer are still in their original packaging (refer to additional photos).
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