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C-Frame Presses

Mechanical & hydraulic C-frame presses from top manufacturers 1 Item
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,945 x 1,245 x 2,880 mm
Year of manufacture 1979
Weight approx. 6,500 kg
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Definition: C-Frame Presses

The C-frame press should actually be referred to as a single column C-frame (in contrast to the more robust double column C-frames). Therefore, the use of C-frame presses is limited to medium-high forces. The main advantage of all C-frame presses is the excellent accessibility of the working area, with a table being accessible from three sides. In contrast, pressure, stroke and throat depth vary from one machine to the next. C-frame presses can either be mechanical or hydraulic. A flat or round column guide is available for the ram. You will find powerful C-frame presses at Surplex - used, but top quality!


  1. Forming machines with a large amount of power
  2. The development of the press into a machine for metalworking
  3. Various areas of application for C frame presses
  4. Operational C frame presses for industry and trade
Used C-Frame press 01

Forming machines with a large amount of power

Machine presses create pressure that is used to bend sheet metal, for the processing of iron, or for the stretching of rods and tubes. The simplest form is the lever press that uses the leverage of a punch to press down on the workpiece. With other presses, the punch is screwed or moved using a crank. Modern single column presses (like the C frame press) are often hydraulically operated. Presses are used for a variety of actions. For punching and fine blanking, they are used to separate flat parts from the workpiece. For deep drawing, the formed work tool is pressed into the material and creates a hollow body.

  • Can be used in a wide variety of settings
  • Main use: the manufacturing of sheet metal products
  • Power, lifting time and precision are particular strong points
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Bordering is used to bend the sheet metal along its edges. Other uses include cutting, forging and embossing. Single-stand presses are simple in their composition and therefore also price worthy. Their biggest advantage, in relation to other frames, is the accessibility to the working area. The application of these C framed machines is restricted to medium power.

The development of the press into a machine for metalworking

Presses were first used either to press grapes for wine or to press hay. The presses used for these purposes were lever and screw presses. In the late middle ages, screw presses were used to emboss medals, and later for coins. In 1795 Joseph Bramah invented the hydraulic press. John Haswell invented the first hydraulic operated forging in 1862.

AMADA LUCAS C-Frame press in use

Various areas of application for c frame presses

The areas of application for c frame presses are very varied. They are used for the manufacturing of all kinds of sheet metal products like covers, equipment parts and containers. They can also be used for the straightening of welded constructions and steel beams. Power, lifting time and precision are critical for good performance. A yearly security check is required for commercially used presses.

Operational c frame presses for industry and trade

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of C-frame presses. Some of the most recommended suppliers include HYPREMA and DELLAVIA.

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