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Centreless Grinding Machines

Robust specialist grinding machines for exact roundness

While in cylindrical grinding the workpiece is fixed between centres, centreless grinding machines work differently. The workpiece lays on a guide rail while being held and worked between a slowly rotating regulating wheel and a fast rotating grinding wheel. This procedure offers several advantages. This kind of grinding excludes every possible error and moreover, the replacement of workpieces is very easy to perform. This is why this special form of grinding machine is used in the series production of crankshafts, axles and transmission components. At Surplex you will find second hand centreless grinding machines, whether CNC or conventional ones!

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  1. Explanation of the term centreless grinding machine
  2. The construction of a centreless grinding machine
  3. Which products are processed on a centreless grinding machine?
  4. Working with a centreless grinding machine
  5. Suppliers of centreless grinding machines
Used centreless grinding machine upper general view

Explanation of the term centreless grinding machine

A centreless grinding machine is a stationary tool, with which exact circularities in metal cylinders can be ground. They are used to be able to reach high levels of dimensional accuracy. During the removal of larger volumes, in order to reach the desired dimension, grinding (a form of planing) is used for the final processes to ensure the product has the exact dimensions.

  • Grind exact circularity in metal cylinders
  • Reach high levels of dimensional accuracy
  • Applicable in a wide range of areas and for numerous machines
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The construction of a centreless grinding machine

A centreless grinding machine is made out of a main column, which carries all components with the necessary capacity and strength. Similar to a universal lathe, a tool turns the workpiece at the desired speed. A grinding spindle rotates against the workpiece. Finally, a centreless grinding machine contains a rail for the safe guiding of the workpiece.

Used centreless grinding machine detail

Which products are processed on a centreless grinding machine?

All components that require their dimensions to be exact and accurate are processed on a centreless grinding machine. A classic example is the piston of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. These must always fit really tightly, in order to ensure that hydraulic oil or compressed air cannot leak out. Therefore, the surfaces of this component need to be processed with high precision. Other examples of products that are produced using a centreless grinding machine include shafts, axles and transmission components.

Working with a centreless grinding machine

Working with a centreless grinding machine differs depending on whether it is processing individual pieces or undertaking mass production. Generally, centreless grinding machines are a type of machine belonging to metalworking processes. Therefore, they are usually run by cutting machine operators. Centreless grinding machines are a type of grinding machines that are suited for particularly high flow rates.

Used centreless grinding machine grinding tool

Therefore, it is often common that these machines are set up by a specialist and then loaded by semi-skilled workers. Grinding machines and centreless grinding machines have both been used in plants for several decades. Due to this reason, there is a permanent wide selection of used machines available. Centreless grinding machines are very rigid and very low maintenance machines. All critical components such as the electronics, guide rails, bearings and bushings can all be relatively easily replaced.

Suppliers of centreless grinding machines

Recommended suppliers of centreless grinding machines, which are often to be found in our numerous industrial auctions, are:

Used centreless grinding machine workspace
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