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Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklifts: rough-terrain forklifts & heavy-duty forklifts 3 Items
LINDE H25D Frontal Diesel Forklift
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LINDE H25D Frontal Diesel Forklift Diesel Forklifts
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,800 x 1,000 x 2,700 mm
Year of manufacture 2006
Weight approx. 4,000 kg
Item available from Immediately
Delivery terms FCA Zona Industriale di Calcinato, loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
Zona Industriale di Calcinato Italy, 25011 Zona Industriale di Calcinato
03/12/2021 09:32
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14,700 €
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LINDE H25D Diesel Forklift
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,900 x 1,300 x 2,800 mm
Year of manufacture 2005
Weight approx. 3,760 kg
Item available from immidiately
Delivery terms FCA Valdaro (MN), loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
Valdaro (MN) Italy, 46100 Valdaro (MN)
23/12/2021 10:29
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4,200 €
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HYSTER Diesel Forklift Diesel Forklifts
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 5,000 x 1,900 x 2,750 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 6.000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Manresa, loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
Manresa Spain, 08240 Manresa
27/01/2022 11:22
0 Bids
2,500 €
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  1. "Diesel Forklift" in industrial operations
  2. History and development of the diesel forklift
  3. Applications and examples of diesel forklifts
  4. Brand names and producers of diesel forklifts
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"Diesel Forklift" in industrial operations

Diesel forklifts are operated in practically all branches of industry in which loads on pallets must be moved, for example, the loading and un-loading in a factory hall or warehouse. Diesel forklifts consist of a frame on three or four wheels. They commonly have a rear steering mechanism to enable a tight turning radius. Normally the turning radius corresponds to the length of the vehicle. Four-wheeled forklifts are less inclined to tip over, due to their center of gravity.
  • In-house transport of loads on pallets
  • Main field of application is on external grounds
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized To maximize stability, there is no suspension of the wheels or axels. Stabilizers and vibration dampeners are common in four-wheeled forklifts to minimize swaying under heavy loads. Specialized tires for forklifts take over the function of a suspension system. For comfortable operation, the operator sits in a suspended seat, adjustable according to body weight. The combustion engine of the machine is located in back and serves as an additional counterweight during the lifting of heavy loads. Diesel forklifts are generally driven by a machine operator, using foot pedals and hand levers. A steering wheel controls the driving direction. A lifting framework with a fork or another type of load bearing platform is hydraulically operated. Various types of extension equipment can be attached to the hydraulic lifter.
LINDE Diesel forklift in use Certain models of diesel forklifts are steered with a joystick. Modern diesel forklifts are outfitted with additional touch screen steering, displaying various parameters and enabling further functions. There are outdoor forklifts, side loaders, reach trucks, and four or multi-way forklifts that can move in all directions, including diagonally.

History and development of the diesel forklift

The first diesel forklift was developed in 1917 and was used for the transportation of pallets. The basic principles were the same as those of today's forklifts. With the development of specially automated warehousing systems came the stacking guide-system, employing primarily electrically operated models. Diesel forklifts are now used primarily for very heavy or high-volume loads. Lifting loads are around 1-8 tons, lifted mostly to heights of around 6 meters. Special models have lifting heights of up to 12 meters.

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Applications and examples of diesel forklifts

Diesel forklifts are mainly employed outside of buildings. Electric forklifts are generally used indoors because of special regulations. The diesel forklift serves for in-company transport, for use at harbors for the loading and unloading of tractor trailers or train cars.

Brand names and producers of diesel forklifts

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of diesel forklifts. Some of the most recommended suppliers include LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING, JUNGHEINRICH, STILL, MITSUBISHI, YALE, HYSTER, CAT, HELI, KOMATSU, SHANTUI, CLARK, TCM, AUSA, HC and PAUS.

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