Double Mitre Saws

Powerful double mitre saws for precise cutting
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WEGOMA 350 Double Mitre Saw
OMGA TI2500 Double Crosscut Saw
Romania, 545500 Sovata
OMGA TI2500 Double Crosscut Saw
There are numerous types of special woodworking machines, all made to undertake different tasks. One of these machines is the double cross cut saw. This saw is often used during the production of furniture components. The term "double" is used because it has two circular saw units. One of them is fixed in position and joined to the main machine frame. The second one is adjustable and can be moved depending on the desired width of the cut. This machine's return stroke is undertaken in a lateral direction, so as not to damage the produced cut.
  • Mainly used for producing furniture components
  • Uses two sawing units
  • A fixed unit and a moveable unit for adjusting the width of the cut
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The structure of a double cross cut saw can be very simply explained. A stable frame, in the form of a guide way, hosts both a permanently fixed, and an adjustable, circular saw. On some machines, both of the saws are adjustable. There is another guide way positioned parallel to the saw blade. This is adjustable and means that the material is guided parallel to the circular saw blade. There is also a rectangular cross bar. The saw is pivotable, which means that it is possible to undertake a 45 degree cut. Common cutting widths for the parallel cut are 2,500mm or 3,000mm. However, other dimensions are available. The choice depends on the intended use. Every saw unit is powered by an engine. The saw blade's diameter is commonly 400mm. There is a scoring device underneath the machine, which guarantees a clean, finished cut. An additional cutting device can be used to produce post-formed edges.

The edging saws move away laterally after the cutting of the workpieces; this occurs pneumatically. The scoring device is also pneumatically controlled. The hand-held or electric width adjustment contains a permanently attached scale or a precise digital display. A maintenance unit is installed to prepare compressed air when required. There is an extraction nozzle on each circular saw to remove the chippings. Supports are available to ensure that the workpiece does not sag.

The main area of application of a double cross cut saw is in the woodworking industry. It is particularly suited for furniture and door production, and to process materials on both sides. There is the possibility to set up the cut at 45 degrees, which means mitre joints can be produced for the furniture, allowing it to have small, visible edges.

These saws are also used to finish edges in postforming. This option is required for manufacturing table tops and furniture cover panels.

Several companies have specialised in producing the double cross cut saw. This includes particularly well-known brands like KLEMENS BÄURLE, EIMA MASCHINENBAU, MAIKO FERTIGUNGSTECHNIK, H. EPPER, KASTA and INNOVATIVE as well as SÄGETECHNIK, BÄUERLE, KUPER, RÜCO, RAPID, TORWEGGE, MBM MASCHINENBAU and HÜLLHORST.