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PME PE 63-800 C NG Eccentric Press
St. Egidien
0 Bids
16,800 €
02/05/2018 11:03
MIOS Press
Vicopisano (Pisa)
1 Bid
800 €
11/05/2018 13:08
SCHMITZ Eccentric Press
4 Bids
290 €
02/05/2018 10:50


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  1. What is an eccentric press?
  2. How do eccentric presses work?
  3. Important safety features of an eccentric press
  4. Who uses eccentric presses?
  5. Buy a used eccentric press from a reliable supplier
Used eccentric press

What is an eccentric press?

An eccentric press is used to punch, bend and cut metal workpieces. Through a series of mechanical movements, this powerful piece of machinery contains a range of component parts that are usually housed inside a sturdy iron or steel frame. The latest eccentric presses on the market are made with welded steel plates, which are more durable and hard-wearing. A C-frame eccentric press design is used for small and medium-sized machines, as it ensures maximum accessibility for users. An eccentric machine usually “stamps” metal into the desired shape using an anvil and a hammer.

  • Used for the cutting, punching, embossing and bending of workpieces
  • Purely mechanical movements
  • Mainly used in the steel, motor or turbine manufacturing industries
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Unlike the hydraulic alternatives currently available, eccentric presses use a series of mechanical movements, either through a single column or multiple columns. Some machines use a fixed stroke, while others shape metal using a series of adjustable strokes. A large flywheel is driven by an electric motor, which relies on a clutch for movement. A built-in brake is there to provide an emergency shutdown procedure, as well as to aid the pressing process itself.

MÜLLER Eccentric press in operation

How do eccentric presses work?

Unlike a regular press, the eccentric press mechanism uses a motor to power an eccentric shaft, which rotates inside a connecting rod. The eccentric shaft is round, so it is able to rotate perfectly inside the rod. The motor rotates, and the centre of the drive remains still. A ram moves the connecting rod to ensure a consistent and smooth motion around the centre of the drive shaft is maintained. The connecting rod moves around the drive centre, which creates the necessary pressing power.

Important safety features of an eccentric press

An eccentric press machine is usually only dangerous when operated by people who aren’t fully trained in the necessary safety precautions. The loading and unloading of workpieces is crucial to the safety and accuracy of any eccentric press. The safe use of larger machines usually requires two operatives, as well as a safety light curtain. This ensures that there are no blind zones on the machinery when in use. While the clutch and the brake are essential to the process of pressing metal in this way, they also play a very important role in health and safety. They allow the machine to be stopped immediately through the use of compressed air. If the air fails, additional springs are used to bring the pressing process to an immediate halt.

Second-hand eccentric press

Who uses eccentric presses?

Eccentric presses are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes — usually when the workpiece involved is relatively small. Companies operating in the steel, motor and turbine manufacturing industries often rely on an eccentric press for the production of component parts. Most commonly, this machinery is used for the die cutting of metal strips and sheets. A relatively small company can cut costs by purchasing a used eccentric press at a fraction of the usual price. And costs can be further reduced by introducing automated feeding equipment.

Buy a used eccentric press from a reliable supplier

If you are looking for used eccentric presses from some of the most respected manufacturers around, Surplex could have just what you’re looking for. Buying a second-hand eccentric press not only saves your business money, it provides you with a tried and tested machine that has a proven track record of success. Machines from companies such as COLOMBO, DELLAVIA, STANKO, MABU, BEUTLER, HEILBRONN, RUHRMANN, HENSEL, WEINGARTEN, SCHULER and AMBOLD often feature in our online auctions. If we don’t have an eccentric press for sale right now, keep checking our website for details of our next sale of used machinery. You can learn about our next online auction at the earliest opportunity by signing up to the Surplex newsletter today.

Used eccentric press overview
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