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  1. A flame cutting machine uses oxygen to cut metal
  2. The flame cutting process and its development
  3. The manufacturing and further areas of application for flame cutting machines
  4. Who manufactures flame cutting machines?
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A flame cutting machine uses oxygen to cut metal

The flame cutting machine is used to thermally separate mainly metal workpieces. The flame cutting process is particularly good for low alloy steel or non alloy steel, but also molybdenum and titan. With special flame cutting processes, all other metals such as aluminium, copper and high alloy steel, and even mineral material like cement, can be separated. Flame cutting is a combined chemical and physical process that uses high temperatures to achieve an oxygenated atmosphere. During flame cutting, the actual cutting process is undertaken by the inputted oxygen.
  • Thermal separation of metal workpieces
  • Uses a combination of chemical and physical processes
  • Stationary and mobile machines available
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The flame cutting process and its development

The oxidisation of the metal creates the necessary temperature and the stream of oxygen blows away the existing oxide. In order to start the process, a heat source is necessary that raises the metal to the ignition temperature. Generally, the same burner and fuel used during autogeneous welding, is used for this process. Historically, hydrogen was the first fuel used for autogeneous welding and flame cutting. Acetylene is now used. Up until the middle of the 20th century this gas was predominantly made out of calcium carbide and water.

MINELLI Flame cutting machine in use

The manufacturing and further areas of application for flame cutting machines

Flame cutting with a hand apparatus is only used for rough work like the scrapping of old metal. This method cannot be used for the manufacturing of construction parts because it results in unclean cut corners. Therefore, the use of a flame cutting machine is necessary. This machine can be stationary or mobile. Several different automatic and manual steering methods have been developed for stationary machines. The manual burner control is based on scribing or drawings. Since the 1950s the controlling system based on drawings was aided by light graticules that projected the flame cutting machine onto a copy table. Automatic control was first carried out by sampling a template, using either a pinch roll, or a steel template using a magnetic guiding roller. The scanning of drawings came about in the second half of the 20th century, along with a smaller display, and the numerical control of flame cutting machines. Mobile flame cutting machines have a motor for an automatic feed. In the 1940s, the former AUTOGENWERKE SIRIUS GmbH, known for manufacturing electrically operated machines, developed the "oxymotor", which is a piston engine that uses the gas pressure of oxygen for the cutting process. Simple flame cutting machines are only used for the cutting of metal, whose cutting conditions are good enough. They need to burn in the stream of oxygen and have an ignition temperature that is under the melting point. The formed oxide also needs to have a lower melting point than the material itself. These conditions are not met in most high-alloy steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper. These types of metals can be processed using metal powder grinding processes, which are hardly used.
Used flame cutting machine workspace
Workspace of the flame cutting machine
During these special processes, metal powder is used for the cutting process, as a replacement for the stream of oxygen burned at the cutting position. The cutting of mineral materials is also possible by using flame cutting machines that use metal as the burning material. This is used, for example, during the flame lathe of cement. Other special machines used for flame cutting are oxygen torches, gouging torches and underwater flame cutting machines used by divers.

Who manufactures flame cutting machines?

The most important manufacturer for flame cutting machines in Germany is MESSER Cutting Systems, the MESSER Group. Between 1965 and 1999 the company signed under MESSER GRIESHEIM. Another German company with over 100 years experience in manufacturing these machines is ZINSER. The leading company in the international sphere is the Swedish company ESAB.

Used manual flame cutting machine
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