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Frame Sanding Machines

Practical sanding machines for woodworking

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  1. Perfect sanding for the construction of frames
  2. A special type of belt sander
  3. Easily re-adjustable between course and fine sanding
  4. Brand names and manufacturers of frame sanding machines
Used frame sanding machine

Perfect sanding for the construction of frames

A frame sanding machine is specialised in sanding processes for the construction of frames. However, it can also be used to sand boards, beams and blocks.

The workpiece is placed in a frame receptacle that can usually be adjusted in terms of height and width. The machine is stationary and contains a base. The workpiece is fed into the machine towards the sanding belts. Most frame sanding machines contain an extraction device.

Lifting hoops are used to lightly lift the oscillating sanding belts by their corners, in order to avoid damaging the edges of the workpiece. Most frame sanding machines contain two continuous sanding belts that can sand the workpiece simultaneously from above and below.

  • Sanding of frame constructions
  • Sanding of course structures on old surfaces
  • Mainly used in window construction
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The sanding belts run over a metal sleeve. This can be supplied with an air outlet opening that, on the one hand, lets the sanding belt run as if it was on an air cushion, and on the other hand ensures that it stays cool.

Several machines also contain an adjustable disc-type grinder, which can be used to sand vertical edges.

A special type of belt sander

Sanding machines have been used for a long time. Initially, before the development of the steam engine, they were operated by hand or foot. Today, electrically operated machines are most commonly used. The frame sanding machine is a type of belt sander. The sand paper strips are glued diagonally to one another to create a continuous sanding band.

HESS Frame sanding machine in use

Easily re-adjustable between course and fine sanding

The frame sanding machine is used in the woodworking industry for the sanding of course structures and the removal of old surfaces. They are used for manufacturing and processing during the construction of frames. They are mainly used in window production and are commonly used for the processing of frames and casements. Sanding belts differing in granulation can be easy exchanged.

Brand names and manufacturers of frame sanding machines

Second hand frame sanding machine are available from HESS, LÖWER and EHEMANN. Used machines in good condition can regularly be found on our platform in one of the numerous industrial auctions. In case you have questions or need further advise, don't hesitate to contact the Surplex Customer Care at any time.

Used frame sanding machine workspace detailed view
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