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Definition: Furnaces

Raw materials such as iron ore, steel scrap, silica sand, etc. are liquefied in melting furnaces and further processed through casting processes. Furnaces are available in countless sizes and designs, such as the crucible furnace for melting smaller quantities of metal or the muffle furnace for laboratories. Locksmiths and blacksmiths use medium-sized furnaces. At the other end of the spectrum stand blast furnaces, cupola furnaces and large induction and arc furnaces. You will find the right kiln for your requirements at Surplex. Used, but from top manufacturers like GOLDBRUNN, NABERTHERM, EFCO or HINDENLANG.


  1. Furnace used in industry
  2. Basic construction of a furnace
  3. History and background of a furnace
  4. Areas of application and examples of furnaces
  5. Brands and manufacturers of furnaces
Used furnace front view

Furnace used in industry

A furnace is necessary for heat treatment, as well as precipitation and the separation of metals. There are small furnaces suitable for workshops as well as large furnaces that can be used in industry. Furnaces are mainly used for the recycling of non-ferrous metals and other valuable metals, as well as for recovering copper, lead, aluminium and zinc.

  • Heat treatment, precipitation and the separation of metals
  • Mainly used for the recycling of non-ferrous metals
  • A variety of workshop and industrial furnaces
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The industrial furnace constructions have conveyor systems, processing plants, flue gas treatment equipment and heat recovery machines attached to them. Some manufacturers also provide integrated automatic systems. These companies are mainly specialised in producing large machines for the nonferrous metal industry. The smaller furnaces are more suitable for small workshops or hardening shops.

Basic construction of a furnace

A furnace is made out of a basic frame, to which the actual oven is attached. Several layers of isolation and heating elements make up the internal part of the furnace. Even the types of covers that can swivel and lower, contain isolation. An emergency outlet is used as a safety precaution.

Used furnace general view

An electrical connection is in a separate cupboard. A controller is now common, in order to show the nominal-actual value difference and to control the furnace. Timers and PC-connectors are now also common.

History and background of a furnace

The furnace was developed in order to separate specific metals from others. It was already necessary quite early on, to be able to separate precious metals from other materials. Now the furnace is mainly used for recycling. Therefore, a smaller, more power oven is necessary in order to be able to recover specific materials with a high level of purity. Larger versions were then added to the industrial sector as recycling systems.

Used furnace supply of raw materials

Areas of application and examples of furnaces

The most common application for furnaces is the recovery of lead from car batteries, the separation of electronic waste and old cables, as well as the recycling of electric motors. Digital programming ensures that ovens are now very accurate in inputting the exact melting point of the desired metal.

Brands and manufacturers of furnaces

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of furnaces. Some of the most recommended suppliers include NABERTHERM, KSK, SOLO SWISS GROUP, ENETEX, OTTO JUNKER, ABB, ACAT, and HEINRICH GRÜNEWALD.

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Used furnace overview of the system

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