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Guideway Grinding Machines

Large grinding machines for the metalworking industry

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  1. What does a "guideway grinding machine" do?
  2. What are guideways?
  3. Functions of a guideway grinding machine
  4. Working with a guideway grinding machine
  5. What is necessary for the operation of a guideway grinding machine?
  6. Suppliers of guideway grinding machines
Used guideway grinding machine front view
Front view of the guideway grinding machine

What does a "guideway grinding machine" do?

A guideway grinding machine is used for the precise finishing of web precision products. A guideway grinding machine is a plant for precision machines. Therefore, there are high demands placed on the processing quality of the guideways, which are ground.

  • Accurate finishing of web materials
  • It is generally used in the machine construction industry
  • Special machines used for the manufacturing of machine tools
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What are guideways?

Guideways are pieces of a machine that move high precision systems such as tool holding devices, positioning for transportation or loading systems. Everywhere linear work is undertaken, ground guideways are needed. A classic example of a ground guideway are the tracks of a milling machine. The high-end processing of workpieces is only possible when the tool carriage can move precisely, solidly and freely without the chance of getting stuck. Guideways are therefore also occasionally worn out. Generally, they are built to last the same amount of time as the machine's working life. The dismantling of the machine in order to extend the guideway is very complex and therefore not economical.

WALDRICH Guideway grinding machine in use

After the machine has completed processing a workpiece, it needs to be newly calibrated, as the guideway would have lost its dimensions and this fault could be transferred onto future workpieces.

Functions of a guideway grinding machine

Guideway grinding machines are made out of a table or a panel, upon which the guideway is fixed. A grinding head then drives over this in small steps and grinds the workpiece into the desired dimensions on the guideway. Guideway grinding machines work in a field of a thousandth of a millimetre.

Working with a guideway grinding machine

A professional cutting machine operator should be the one to operate a guideway grinding machine. It requires a high level of competence and specialist knowledge, in order to achieve the desired results. The grinding of guideways is not piecework, but requires adequate breaks, specialist knowledge and sensitivity for quality.

Used guideway grinding machine detail

What is necessary for the operation of a guideway grinding machine?

Guidway grinding machines are applied in the general machine building industry. They are special grinding machines used for the manufacturing of machine tools or for other specialist purposes. This means that they are rare and exclusive machines.

Guideway grinding machines are particularly useful for suppliers that provide specialist work for companies. It is important to note that guideway grinding machines are available in a large variety of dimensions to be able to process a variety of products. Some machines are very big; they can be up to 10 metres long.

Suppliers of guideway grinding machines

Established manufacturers of guideway grinding machines are: WALDRICH COBURG, WMW HECKERT, BILLETER, ASCHERSLEBEN, ELB und CHURCHILL.

Used guideway grinding machine general view
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