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NAGEL HHM 100 Horizontal honing machine
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  1. Honing machine - A common exotic
  2. Honing machine - invented by Ford
  3. Perfect roundness and best working life achieved through honing
  4. Honing machine, perfect for maintenance
  5. Suppliers of honing machines
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Honing machine - A common exotic

A honing machine is mainly used for the production and maintenance of diesel and gasoline engines, and hydraulic pistons. They are used to create the smallest grooves in the wall of the cylinder as well as increasing the roundness. These grooves are designed to keep grease at the piston ring to a minimum. This reduces the possibility of the piston jamming. There are different types of processes: short honing, long honing, flat honing and laser honing.
  • Used for the production of engines and hydraulic pistons
  • Differentiation between short, long, flat and laser honing machine
  • Useful extension for maintenance operations
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The first three of these processes are used for the internal wall of round components. Flat honing is a particularly suited for highly accurate surfaces. Honing is a finishing process; one of the last stages of the processing of a workpiece.

Honing machine - invented by Ford

The term "honing" comes from the verb "to hone", which means to sharpen with a whetstone. Honing machines were first used by FORD in 1923. They significantly increase the life expectancy of car engines. Originally, lathes were used for honing. Today a special honing tool is used that oscillates along the inner wall of the cylinder creating the characteristically cross-hatch pattern. This pattern can only be seen under a microscope. Even though lathes can nowadays be modified to conduct honing processes, special honing machines for mass production are widely used.

GEHRING Honing machine in use

Perfect roundness and best working life achieved through honing

Honing machines are implemented on occasions when round components need to be produced with the highest precision. A piston does not necessary need to be led through a honed cylinder hole. The honing process enables maximum dimensional accuracy for the roundness of a component. However, most of the time a honing machine is used for linear motors in hydraulics or combustion engines. A relatively new process is using a laser honing machine, where no material is chipped off the component; when using a laser the excess material is burned into tiny pockets located on the inner walls of the cylinder. Tests have shows that using this process can increase the lift expectancy of a combustion engine by 75%.

Honing machine, perfect for maintenance

Used honing machine 02
Factories that specialise on the reparation of engines would particularly gain from having a CNC honing machine in order to effectively maintain high-quality engines, like those for lorries or sports cars. Laser honing technology is not very widely used but the acquisition of a machine in the service portfolio could significantly increase revenues.

Manufacturers of honing machines

The leading manufacturers of honing machines are NAGEL, GEHRING, KADIA, SUNNEN and DELAPENA. Used honing machines produced by the manufacturers GEHRING and HONINGTEC are constantly available from SURPLEX.
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