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NAGEL VL15-700PT CNC Vertical Honing Machine
DELAPENA Speedhone EA Honing Machine - Inside - Horizontal

In terms of surface quality, the honing machine outshines any grinding machine. Finishing with their honing stone produces extremely round, smooth surfaces. On the other hand, honing machines with their rotating oscillating tool movement (cross-hatch) transfer microscopically small grooves to the workpiece. Because lubricating oil can adhere easily, cylinder walls, hydraulic pistons, shafts and other components are given the desired sliding and load-carrying capacity. Recently, conventional long-stroke and short-stroke honing have been competing with laser and spiral slide honing. At Surplex you will find machines with suitable honing gear diameters. Used, but of top quality!

A honing machine performs an abrasion process that produces a precise surface on a metal workpiece. An abrasive stone or tool is dragged along the surface of the metal over a path usually controlled by a central computer. This process is used to create a specific geometric form or to improve the texture of the surface.

CNC honing can create precision surfaces for a wide range of applications, including the finishing of cylinders for combustion engines and the manufacture of gears, hydraulic pistons and air bearing spindles. There are several types of honing machine on the market today, but they all involve the holding of one or more stones under pressure against the surface of metal.

The internal walls of round metal components are processed by one of three processes: short honing, long honing and flat honing. For surfaces that require a very accurate and precise level of finish, flat honing is usually the best option.

  • Used for the production of engines and hydraulic pistons
  • Differentiation between short, long, flat and laser honing machine
  • Useful extension for maintenance operations
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The formal definition of honing is the sharpening of something with a whetstone. The technology we still use today in the manufacture of combustion engines for cars was originally developed by the Ford Motor Company. The process of ‘finishing’ the metal surfaces of cylinders developed by Ford significantly increased the life expectancy of the manufacturer's engines — making Ford cars more cost-effective for consumers.

The original process pioneered at the car company involved the use of large lathes. Now, however, honing machinery can be fully automated with computer technology. A cylinder honing machine oscillates along the inner wall of the cylinder, creating a cross-hatch pattern as it goes. This process is surprisingly subtle; the results can only be seen under a microscope.

GEHRING Honing machine in use

Even the most accurately manufactured cylinders can contain very subtle deformations that make them slightly imperfect. These imperfections are often invisible to the naked eye, but they can interfere with the correct operation of mechanical equipment such as a car engine. This is why a vertical or horizontal honing machine is used to apply the final touches to a cylinder during the production process. It ensures maximum dimensional accuracy — and therefore optimum efficiency during operation.

Cylinder honing machines are most commonly used to finish linear motors in combustion engines or hydraulics. To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the process, a growing number of large-scale manufacturers are turning to laser technology. This relatively new process ensures no waste material is removed from the main component. Instead, it is ‘burned’ into microscopic recesses in the wall of the cylinder. When used in an engine honing machine, this technology can increase the life expectancy of a combustion engine by up to 75%.

As more and more larger companies switch to laser technology, the availability of used honing machines increases — keeping the price of purchase down for smaller businesses. While the purchase of vertical honing machine equipped with precision lasers is expensive, it can improve productivity and slash costs over time. By purchasing a quality used honing machine from a reputable supplier, you can slash the operational costs of your business.

At Surplex, we are often sourcing competitively priced hydraulic honing machine from leading manufacturers such as DELAPENA, SUNNEN, KADIA, GEHRING and HONINGTEC. If we don't have what you're looking for right now, the chances are it won't be too long before we do. Keep checking the Surpex.com website for details of our honing machine sale, where you can find both horizontal and vertical honing machines for sale. Purchasing from us could save your business money, and provide you with a reliable piece of machinery capable of driving profitability.