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Knee Type Milling Machines

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  1. Explanation of the term "knee type milling machine"
  2. The importance of a knee mill
  3. Working with a knee type milling machine
  4. Manufacturers of knee type milling machines
Used knee type milling machine workspace

What is a "knee type milling machine"

A knee type milling machine (or just knee mill) is a less common variety of milling machine. With the help of rotating cutting tools, milling machines are used to process a workpiece. Currently, the most common milling machines have a strongly clamped in workpiece, which can be processed by a multi-axis milling head. This is completely the opposite of knee type milling machines, where the milling head can only move along the z-axis.

  • A variety of milling machine
  • Limited movement of the milling head on the z-axis
  • It can work with limited workpieces due to the dimension and carrying capacity of the machine
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The workpiece is them moved along the x and y-axis. This means the movements of a knee type milling machine are more expansive than a universal milling machine. However, through the restricted amount of space between the head and the knee, the size of the workpiece is also restricted.

The importance of a knee mill

The workpieces processed by a knee type mill are restricted due to the stud frame's restricted dimensions and carrying capacity; it is only suitable for small and medium-sized workpieces. Knee type milling machines mainly only work with one milling tool. In order to undertake a further processing step, the work tool needs to be manually switched after every cycle. These factors restrict the efficiency of a knee type milling machine. However, they are still commonly used as a component for CNC machines. One big advantage is that they are very stable.

KLOPP Knee Type Milling Machine in use

Contrary to the complex 5-axis mechanics of a modern CNC-machine, the milling head only moves in one direction meaning that they are not prone to accidents. The knee type milling machine can be used for preparatory clearing tasks. The less restrictive pieces of the workpiece can then be processed using CNC-machines. Therefore, there are still manufacturers of knee type milling machines, like UNITECH.

Working with a knee type milling machine

The work with a knee type milling machine should be done by qualified cutting machine operators. This machine requires a lot of manual adjustments and semi-skilled workers are therefore not suitable due to their limited knowledge and capabilities.

Manufacturers of knee type milling machines

Established manufacturers of knee type milling machines are: UNITECH, DECKEL, MAHO, BUTLER, RAMBAUDI and GAMBIN.
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Used knee type milling machine general view of milling plant sector
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