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GIUNTINI Multiblade
Sandrigo (VI)
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  1. Multi-blade saw for production
  2. History and future of the multi-blade saw
  3. Application and examples of multi-blade saws
  4. Manufacturers of multi-blade saws for woodworking
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Multi-blade saw for production

A special type of saw is the multi-blade saw. This circular saw machine allows for several sawing blades to be fixed onto the saw shaft, with a defined distance between each blade. In the distance between the sawing blades, corresponding distance rings are pushed against the shaft. The principle is the same as a milling machine with a milling shaft and a counter bearing, within which several mills can be clamped in, as hobbers or sawing blades. The multi-bade saw enables the cutting of material effectively, with cuts of a specific width (established by the distance rings). The advantage is that the cutting is parallel and can be done in one operation.
  • Contains several sawing blades with a defined space between each one
  • Several cuts done in one operation
  • Mainly used for woodworking
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A variation on the multi-blade saw is the gang saw. The multi-bad saw or the gang saw is often equipped with CNC-technology. The workpiece is placed upon a stable, horizontal and low-vibration machine table. A mobile bridge is equipped with the sawing tools, and also operates the feed. Small multi-blade saws, the mobile clamping table, and the feeding movement is thereby carried out. Highly adjustable groups of saws, anti-kick back devices and automatic feeders allow for very effective production.

RAIMANN / DIEMER Multi-blade saw in use

History and future of the multi-blade saw

The multi-blade saw is, in its basic construction, very old. The need for more efficient operation during the industrialisation led to the development of saws with several sawing blades. The implementation of CNC-control and precise measuring devices display the need for efficient operation in modern operation.

Application and examples of multi-blade saws

Multi-blade saws are mainly used for woodworking. The multi-blade saw is used for the manufacturing of boards and beams, as well as profiled wood. During natural stone processing, gang saws (can also be a type of multi-blade saw) are used for the processing of natural stone panels that can later be ground and polished.
Used multi blade saw 02

Manufacturers of multi-blade saws for woodworking

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of multi-blade saws for woodworking. Some of the most recommended suppliers include NEVA, PAUL, CML, RAIMANN, SCHROEDER, ALBERTO COSTA, TOS, WALTER, TORWEGE, KLEIN, SICAR and KAELIN

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