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Quality saws for multi-separation in one clamping motion
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OGAM PO-370 Multi-Blade Saw
OGAM PO-370 Multi-Blade Saw
Croatia, 44272 Dužica
OGAM PO-370 Multi-Blade Saw
Multi Blade Saws
Top lot
2004 2,980 kg1,700 x 1,800 x 2,000 mm
ZAFFARONI MLS 80 Multi-blade panel saw
ZAFFARONI MLS 80 Multi-blade panel saw
Hungary, 9400 Sopron
ZAFFARONI MLS 80 Multi-blade panel saw
Multi Blade Saws
2009 1,500 kg2,000 x 2,400 x 1,500 mm

A multi blade saw is a form of circular saw, which is made of several parallel saw units. The distance between these units can be precisely controlled. This design allows the machines to cut out boards, beams or profiled wood from big workpieces in a single setting. Some variants of these special machines differ in the cutting height and charging speed. Since the new machines from RAIMANN or COSMEC have its costs, used multi blade saws can be considered as an alternative. At Surplex, the expert in used machines, you will find multi blade saws, many other saws and the entire category of woodworking machinery at fair terms- used but in a top shape!

Multi-blade saws allow pieces of wood to be cut in more than one location at the same time. Width cutting, which is often referred to as ripping, is combined with longitudinal cutting to make the first stage of wood processing faster and more efficient. A multi-blade saw consists of two or more circular blades that are mounted on a saw shaft. The distance between the blades in a multi rip saw is set before the wood cutting begins with rings that are pushed against the shaft. This allows the same machine to cut wood of varying sizes quickly and accurately.

  • Contains several sawing blades with a defined space between each one
  • Several cuts done in one operation
  • Mainly used for woodworking
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A multi-blade rip saw is capable of producing wooden workpieces of exact widths, lengths and depths using a selection of distance rings. This saves an operator from having to use two or more different machines, or from having to unload and reload the same piece of wood to achieve the desired dimensions.

Large production lines tend to use a slight variation of the multi-blade saw called a gang saw.

RAIMANN / DIEMER Multi-blade saw in operation

This multi-blade cutting machine is usually guided through the production process with CNC technology. There is a central computer that is programmed to deliver very precise movements and cuts. This ensures greater speed and accuracy. The wood is fed into a multi-blade saw via a horizontal, low-vibration feed table. The various sawing tools of a multi-blade saw machine are located on a mobile bridge, which is also used to operate the feeding mechanism.

The main moving parts of a multi-blade circular saw are the blades, the mobile clamping unit and the feed mechanism. Manufacturing companies can increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of production further by adding adjustable saws, anti-kickback devices and automated feeding mechanisms. While all of this equipment can be very expensive for small operations, money can be saved by purchasing a used multi rip saw.

Before wood processors and manufacturers had access to a multi-blade cutting machine, they were forced to cut wood to exact dimensions using one of two methods. They would either use multiple machines — which increased capital expenditure, processing and maintenance costs — or they would have to load, unload and reload the same piece of wood to cut it lengthways and widthways. A rip saw machine with several blades made wood processing more efficient and profitable, and further savings were made possible when computer programs started to manage the process instead of human operators.

The modern multi rip saw comes in a range of sizes, meaning it is used in small workshops and large-scale production facilities. A multi-blade table saw is often used by people in their own homes or workshops, as it can be mounted onto a table relatively easily. Most woodworking operations will use a rip saw machine to cut very specific shapes and sizes of wood — often for use in the production of beams, boards and furniture. A multiple blade table saw is also used for profiling wooden workpieces. Occasionally, a multi-blade saw is used for natural stone processing.

At Surplex, we often have used multi-blade saws for sale from some of the most respected multi rip saw blade manufacturers in the World, including TOS, WALTER, TORWEGE, KAELIN, SICAR, KLEIN, NEVA, PAUL, CML, RAIMANN and SCHROEDER. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, keep checking our used machinery portal for details of our next auction or sale. You can also sign up to the Surplex newsletter, which contains details of all the used machines we have available to buy at competitive prices.