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HOLZMA HPL 11/43/22 Horizontal Panel Saw with Lift Table with Lifting Table

Panel saws with lift table are used, e.g. in the furniture industry for an automated processing of panels. The lift table makes part of the loading system and its function is to lift the delivered pieces up to the working height of the saw and to push them forward by a slider. A turning device allows the alignment of the panels for longitudinal and transversal cutting. There are also panel saws with separate saw units. At Surplex you will find used and affordable panel saws with lift table, including machines from HOLZHER, as well as the famous series HPP/HPL from HOMAG & HOLZMA.

A panel saw is a machine used for the processing of wood materials. Semi-finished products made out of board material can be shaped into the desired measurements. Panel saws are commonly used for the manufacturing of furniture components. With the introduction of a lift table, complex batches can be automatically processed.

  • Processing of wood materials
  • Main use: manufacturing of furniture components
  • Automatic mass production of chipboard
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Panel saws with a lift table are largescale machines. The delivered panels are laid onto the lift table and one after another guided along to the saw. There, using a processing programme, they are shaped into the desired dimensions. Finally, the panel pieces are put together into bunches and transported away. Depending on the size of the machine, panel saws usually require a foundation.

The advantage of a panel saw with a lift table is that large bunches of chipboard can be almost fully automatically processed. Once programmed, the saw can produce all wall, ceiling and side elements for the body of a piece of furniture.

HOLZMA Panel saw in use

This is particularly important when a continuous process is required. Panel saws generate very high noise levels and have a high output of shavings and saw dust. This means that workers operating this machine should wear protective masks. Maintenance and reparation of these machines should only be done by industrial mechanics. This is particularly the case when the saw has to be disassembled (e.g. switching of the sawing blades). The loading and programming can be done by skilled assistants. Panel saws require a lot of cleaning. This must be done at the end of every shift.

In addition to the lift table, a feedback system is a very useful accessory for a panel saw. The feedback system can lay all assembled products automatically on separate panels, which eliminates confusion. In addition to that, a well-maintained feedback system can run almost completely interruption free. The use of feedback systems can eliminate the chance of panels falling or damages occurring through bumps. During the processing of chipboards, the careful handling of the products is very important.

Chipboards are very fragile and can easily become damaged, scratched or dented. Chipboards can hardly be repaired, which means that they can no longer be sold or used after being damaged. Another necessary accessory for panel saws is a powerful extraction unit that ensures that the panel saw is kept as clean as possible.

Recommended suppliers of panel saws with a lift table are GIBEN, HOLZMA, SCHELLING and WOODTEC.