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BERG & SCHMID RECORD 315 S Metal Mitre Saw
4 Bids
370 €
7 Pneumatic Straight Grinders
Brescia (BS)
10 Bids
110 €
6 Pneumatic Angle Grinders
Brescia (BS)
11 Bids
90 €
4 Pneumatic Angle Grinders
Brescia (BS)
5 Bids
50 €
3 Pneumatic Random Orbital Sanders
Brescia (BS)
3 Bids
45 €
ROLL AIR RAB AR 34 2 Pneumatic Staplers
Brescia (BS)
0 Bids
35 €
End-Milling Machine
Sestri Ponente
0 Bids
30 €
VIRAX no. 62 Ratchet head
0 Bids
20 €
DIDOC Dispensing Gun
Brescia (BS)
0 Bids
15 €
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  1. Power tools for the use in industrial production
  2. Areas of application for power tools
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of power tools
A cople of used power tools

Power tools for the use in industrial production

Industrial production requires power tools in order to optimally undertake particular processing tasks. In areas of assembly, regardless of whether in a plant or on a construction site, it is necessary to use robust, electrically operated power tools. In assembly, for example, impact wrenches are used to screw in bolts and tighten nuts. In steel construction it is important to modify the welded areas with powerful straight grinders or angle grinders, both in the hall as well as during assembly on site.
  • Flexible power tools are necessary for the optimal undertaking of specific tasks
  • Particularly useful for assembly
  • Used for crafts or industry
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Before this work is conducted, the corresponding welding edges need to be produced. Here, a nippler is used to be able to produce the welded seam in a V shape. By preparing the edges like this, it ensures a very reliable result from the welding process. There is a large range of power tools available for woodworking crafts, which undertake processes such as sawing, boring, sandingand joining. Power tools are all very similar to one another in terms of their construction. A stable, light machine cover contains the electric motor. At the front of the machine, there is the gearbox and the tool mount. Various forms are common, such as the pistol design for drilling machines or the slim form of the straight grinder. These electronic machine toolsare operated using the main power supply or rechargeable batteries. Special constructions for assembly lines allow the hand tools to be fixed and hung over the work station.
Power tools in use
This means it is not necessary to continuously hold the machine, as during assembly there are often many necessary hand grips and therefore the hands need to remain free. Power tools are equipped with various speeds and gear stages that are electronically controlled. Additional components can be attached to the machines, making it possible to conduct a variety of different tasks with one machine.

Areas of application for power tools

Power tools are applied for crafts and in industry. The drilling of holes, cutting of threads, sawing, planing, grindingand other processes can be undertaken by electric power tools. Power toolsalso include electric and hydraulic bending machines that are transportable. This is commonly used by plumbers and in the construction of tubes and pipes. For electricians and bricklayers, jackhammers and drilling machines are available in a variety of sizes. In industrial assembly, angle grinders, drilling machines and impact screwdrivers are used. Further variations of power tools include the high pressure cleaners and transportable vacuum cleaners.
Deatil of a used power tool
The large number of manufacturers who specialise their product means that it is possible to obtain powerful, optimally suited power tools. Power tools used in industrial settings are robust, durable and very manageable.

Brand names and manufacturers of power tools

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of power tools. Some of the most recommended suppliers include C. & E. FEIN, TRUMPF, BOSCH, PORTER-CABLE, FABRIV, RIDGID, REMS, ROTHENBERGER, AEG POWERTOOLS, METABO, KRONEN, STIHL, FESTO, MAKITA, and DUSS.
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