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COMALL Rot-File Roll Grinding Machine

Rolls may wear out over time, sink in or get scratched. Especially press and guide rolls need to be reground regularly. This is a task for the roll grinding machine. The rolls to be machined are either clamped between centres or positioned on rollers. Roll grinding machines are available in different sizes and designs. These range from the manual grinding machines with workpiece lengths of a few centimetres, up to fully automatic, CNC-controlled machines, which can process 30 m long rolls. At Surplex you will find used roll grinding machines with different grinding diameters, grinding lengths and workpiece weights - used, but in top condition!

A roll grinder is usually installed in aluminium, paper or steel mills to grind textured and smooth rolls. Roll grinding involves external cylindrical grinding between centres. The machined rolls are much larger than conventional workpieces, so they require very large roll grinding machines that can withstand enormous vibrations.

  • Roll grinding machine are in general massive and voluminous components of larger machines and tools
  • For pressing rollers, the surface of the roll grinding machine is the deciding factor in quality
  • Guide roll grinding machines have specific quality requirements
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Roll grinders are very large component parts of various metalworking production lines. The rollers these machines create are used to move oversized workpieces - often between one work area and another. A quality roll grinder always has a perfectly smooth and rounded surface. This is essential for the safe and controlled movement of workpieces. Any imperfections, bumps or dents could results in damage to the workpieces being moved. If the surface of a roll grinder machine contains an imperfection, there is a chance that the same imperfection will be passed onto the workpiece.

A roll grinding machine exerts a lot of pressure. A badly calibrated machine or even the slightest of imperfections in a roller not only has the potential to damage the workpiece, it can also bring an entire production line to a halt. In many production lines, the quality of rollers in use has a direct impact on the final products created - so they have to be perfect and operating correctly at all times.

Roll grinders are exceptionally simple, yet they play a crucial role in keeping production lines moving smoothly. However, because they are exerting enormous amounts of pressure on various components and workpieces, they need to be made with precision and the highest quality materials.

The average roll grinding machine is very expensive (although companies can save money by purchasing a used roll grinding machine). Not only that, they endure a huge amount of wear and tear, so a rigorous programme of maintenance, repair and remoulding is required. Unfortunately, every time a damaged roller is repaired or remoulded inside a roll grinding machine, it decrease in size, so it is often necessary to make modifications to production lines.

Precision roll grinding is used in a range of different manufacturing sectors, including the automotive, aeronautical and engineering industries. To deliver a very high level of accuracy and performance, computer programs can control the movements and changing speeds of a CNC roll grinding machine without the need for human interference. Roll grinders can be adapted to the needs of specific manufacturing lines with the use of various cutting and grinding tools. The rollers can be modified in terms of both size and smoothness to ensure the utmost accuracy. However, even the slightest of miscalculations can lead to mistakes, so there should always be a fully trained operative overseeing the use of roll grinding machines.

There are several manufacturers with a reputation for making accurate, reliable and efficient roll grinders, including WALDRICH SIEGEN. Medium-sized roll grinding machines are made by respected manufacturers such as VOITH, SCHMALTZ and SCHAUDT, while small machines for workshops and modest production lines are made by companies such as ZIMMERMANN.

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