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Sawmills & forestry technology

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Definition: Sawmills & forestry technology

Mobile and stationary sawmills are an important connecting link between forestry and wood industry. Tree trunks are here transformed into sawn timbers by saws. Different types of saws can be used, e.g.: circular saw, band saw, log band saw, vertical log frame saw, chipper canter. Depending on the machine type, there are band sawmills, frame sawmills and many others. Sawmills also differ in the sort of wood they usually operate, the storage of the tree trunks and the location of the sawing hall in the works area. At Surplex you will find used sawmills at fair prices- also modern models!

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  1. What is sawmill machinery?
  2. What part do sawmill machines play in the woodworking industry?
  3. How do modern sawmill machines work?
  4. What is made with sawmill machinery?
  5. Where to buy used sawmill machinery
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What is sawmill machinery?

A sawmill — sometimes referred to as a lumber mill — is an item of woodworking machinery which is used to turn felled trees into lumber. Modern-day sawmills utilise a wide range of machinery and cutting tools to cut wood into very specific shapes and sizes, ready to be sent to manufacturers in industries such as construction and manufacturing.

  • Woodworking plant with a corresponding machine park
  • Circular, frame or the block bandsaw are some of the main machines
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There are several types of sawmill machinery in operation today, including circular saws, cutting tools, log frame sawing tools, muley saws, gang saws and bandsaws. Timber sawmills come in two basic varieties: head and flow.

What part do sawmill machines play in the woodworking industry?

Logs usually arrive at sawmill machinery in a debarked state. Historically, a sawyer would use a primary saw or head rig to cut the logs into cants and flitches. However, today’s machines do most of the work on an automated basis, and the use of CNC technology can further increase speed and accuracy.

Depending on the quality or type of log, it may be broken down again with a resaw or gang edger. The edging process then takes the flitch and trim off to create angular pieces of four-sided lumber. The wood then moves down the processing line to be dried and planed before being shipped to retailers or manufacturers.

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Today’s sawmills are equipped with multiple saws, combined cutters and circular saws, which means a process that once involved several stages and various sawmill machines now involves only one.

How do modern sawmill machines work?

Modern sawmill machinery is designed to process raw timber into lumber ready for manufacturing or construction. A frame saw, for example, is found in most modern sawmills. It contains a base frame and a gate, which is used to hold the sawing blade in place. The latest machines adjust to different cutting thicknesses automatically, while older machines rely on spacers.

In order to cut wood lengthways, a circular saw is needed. A muley saw is often used to cut wood widthways. The blade of the muley saw is a bandsaw that is held in place by clamps and mounted on a rail it moves along. In order to keep the wood cutting processes moving, sharpening equipment is integrated, which minimises maintenance and potential downtime.

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What is made with sawmill machinery?

Sawmills are used extensively in the timber processing industry. They are also used to manufacture wooden boards and beams for the construction industry. The largest machines are capable of processing all the timber required for the frame for a roof, for instance. Sawmills are also used to make the planks and boards required for furniture production.

In order to save time and production costs, companies utilise automated transfer and feeding systems between different items of machinery within a production facility. Further savings can be achieved by purchasing a used sawmill. While many used sawmills might need some maintenance and repair before being put into operation, they have a proven track record of performance that new machines don’t have.

Where to buy used sawmill machinery?

You will often find used sawmill machines for sale at, from respected sawmill machinery manufacturers such as PILOUS-TMJ, WURSTER + DIETZ, SCHULTE and WEINIG. We sell metalworking and woodworking machinery — including various types of used sawmill equipment — at online industrial auctions and sales on a regular basis. If you can’t find the sawmill for sale you’re looking for, however, it’s a good idea to keep checking the website, as we’re always scouring Europe for used machinery. Or if you want to be one of the first to hear about upcoming machinery auctions and sales, sign up to the newsletter.

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