Soft Forming and Post Forming Machines

Edge banding machines for optimal surface protection
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BRANDT PF20/31 Postforming Machine
CAUDRILLIER Postforming press
Croatia, 31400 Djakovo

CAUDRILLIER Postforming press

Soft forming and post forming machines are special CNC edgebanders for seamless gluing of profiled edges. As a result, edge profiles are optimally protected against moisture. While the soft forming machine adheres strip-shaped coating materials to the unprocessed profile, the post forming machine enables subsequent deformation of previously coated materials. This technique is mainly used to make robust furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laboratories, etc. You will find first-class machines for edgebanding at the specialist for used woodworking machinery, including the recent models from top manufacturers such as HOMAG, IMA, BRANDT or BIESSE!


A soft forming and post forming machine bends laminate and veneer in order to provide various wood-based items with smooth, continuous edges. The softforming process involves the bending or shaping of a decorative overlay over a wood core (usually chipboard or a wood substitute such as MDF). The slightly different process of postforming involves the bending or shaping of fully-cured, C-stage thermostat laminates that have been heated over a mould before being cooled. A modern post forming machine can usually perform both processes.

  • Used in the wood manufacturing industry
  • Gluing of coating material, which is in the form of strips
  • Also suitable for irregular edges
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Postforming machines are edge banding machines that fold veneer and laminate strips to create aesthetically pleasing finishes to wooden items such as furniture, worktops and posts. This ensures there are no sharp edges or joins, making cleaning, upkeep and general care easier. With the use of the postforming process, manufacturers can create almost entirely closed surfaces. Other production methods result in edges that are glued separately, creating a join that is susceptible to water, dirt and damage.

HOMAG & LIGMATECH Soft forming and post forming machine in operation

A post forming machine is stationary equipment that typically takes up a significant amount of space. It is comprised of several conveyors that are driven by a series of rollers. Perhaps the single most important component of a postforming machine is the glue application unit, which requires continual cleaning and maintenance. A pressure unit within the softforming equipment applies the pressure needed to bind veneer and wooden workpieces together.

Modern postforming machines are capable of adapting to several workpiece sizes quickly and efficiently. Sensors ensure that the binding process is adapted to the dimensions of the workpiece. Powerful feeding systems ensure workpieces move in and out of postforming machinery accurately and smoothly.

The material is first cut to size. Adhesive is added to both the laminate and the substrate, before both are aligned perfectly - ready for bonding. A pinch roller is then used to bond the workpiece with the laminate or veneer. The softforming equipment heats the laminate and moulds it under pressure before cutting away any excess. This particular post forming process is most common method used in the manufacture of synthetic kitchen countertops.

Laminate is usually a combination of melamine resins, core paper and decorative paper. In order to be successfully shaped around a workpiece by softforming machinery, the core papers must be soaked with phenolic resin and heated to nearly 400F, at a pressure of at least 700psi. These post forming and soft forming processes are therefore complex and potentially hazardous, which is why a modern soft forming machine is usually fitted with a range of safety features.

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