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Finally space in the workshop: storage logistics from top brands
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PROMAG Working platform for a forklift
Working platform for a forklift
Poland, 05-870 Błonie
Working platform for a forklift
SKY JACK MB0610711 Telescope Lift
Slovakia, 922 21 Moravany nad Váhom
SKY JACK MB0610711 Telescope Lift

Storage platforms are installations in existing warehouses. They are used to provide additional space and can increase the storage capacity of a hall, without having to build new areas. They are very useful for companies to invest in, because they can provide large advantages for minimal cost. The term "storage platform" alludes to only one example of what advantages these platforms can provide; with the installation of a storage system, administration and production capacity can also increase. Storage platforms that are available today are stable and solid enough, that they can even store small to medium sized industrial machines.

  • Improvements to existing warehouses
  • Extension of storage, administration or production capacity
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Storage platforms are made out of a very stable steel construction of a modular design. The individual bits of a storage platform are made out of tested and resilient steel beams. Due to their longitudinal and transverse beams, they ensure a very high level of stability. There are a large range of features available for the configurations of a storage platform. The minimal design of a storage platform is stable steps that provide an access way to the newly created platform. The floor of a storage platform is made out of steel or thick-walled wood elements, which are laid upon the beams and screwed in. Therefore, they are strong enough for industrial trucks to drive on. Most of the time, storage platforms have a lift, or at least an access point for a crane or forklift, to get products, pallets or machines from one level to another. A rail runs all the way around the platform to prevent items and people from falling off.

Experienced workers are needed to build storage platforms. When a storage system is newly built, it is usually delivered by the manufacturer and then put together by assembly forces. When buying a used storage platform, it is important that a worker who is experienced and qualified in statics is there for the dismantling and building of the platform. Delivered storage platforms will contain documentation for building instructions. It is particularly important to note the values of the screw connections. A high-end torque wrench is necessary for the building of a storage platform. A tip: be particularly cautious not to reinstall bent or damaged elements, as these have lost their stability and need to be replaced. For the installation of a storage platform, it is necessary to use of an overhead crane or a forklift, because the beams can be very heavy.

Storage platforms are often used for extra office space in production facilities. The foreman or technician's workspace can very quickly, using storage platforms, be turned into a production hall. The necessary wall elements are available in a variety of forms. Toilets or shower rooms can also be installed on storage platforms.

It is important to purchase storage platforms from well-known manufacturers, as they are constructions that are subject to high stress. Recommended suppliers of storage platforms are NOORDECK GmbH, KOCH LAGERTECHNIK.