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For exact profiles in sheet metal processing
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RAS 62.30 Swivel Bending Machine
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Switzerland, 1950 Sion
RAS 62.30 Swivel Bending Machine
RAS 64.21 Swivel Bending Machine
Germany, 71282 Hemmingen
RAS 64.21 Swivel Bending Machine
SCHECHTL MA 200/1 Swivel Bending Machine
FASTI 215-32-4 Swivel bending machine
Germany, 96279 Weidhausen
FASTI 215-32-4 Swivel bending machine
SCHECHTL KS1 Swivel Bending Machine
swivel bending machine
Germany, 39104 Magdeburg
swivel bending machine
WEINGARTEN AMHIII Swivel bending machine
STÜCKMANN & HILLEN 270.02 Manual Swivel Bending Machine
HYLLUS Folding Machine
Italy, 20061 Carugate
HYLLUS Folding Machine

Just like the press brake, the swivel bending machine transforms sheets of different thicknesses, but with a rotating tool movement instead of a linear one. For many sheet metal processing requirements, swivel bending machines are to be preferred to press brakes because the bending process is more precise and gentler. The bending flange, fixed between the lower (machine table) and upper flanges, bends the workpiece with a circular motion. If the machine is CNC-controlled, the bending angle can be achieved with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. At Surplex, the machinery expert, you will find used sheet metal processing machines for all sheet thicknesses, including press brakes, bending machines, guillotine shears and other used machinery.

The swivel bending machine is used to produce sheet metal profiles. This is done using a swing folding movement, which is a non-cutting metal machining process. An upper and lower flange clamps in the workpiece and incorporates the desired angles onto the sheet metal. Steel sheet metal is mostly bent using a swivel bending machine. However, it also possible to use this machine to process other materials such as aluminium. The actual processing step involving swivel bending can either be done manually or by using an electric motor.

  • Production of sheet metal profiles
  • Chipless metal processing method
  • Applicable in a variety of areas including the building of machines or casings, and the steel industry
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Bending flanges, upper and lower flanges are exchangeable and can fit all the necessary requirements. Modern CNC-operation allows exact profiles to be bent with accuracy levels of 0.1 degrees. Processing using swivel bending machines is a surface treatment process. CNC-operation calculates the required bending radius, in order to ensure that the workpiece will not be damaged if folded too far. Therefore, the bending flange is placed at a particular distance away from the upper and lower flanges. The swivel bending machine is made out of two columns that are stably bound to each other. The worktable contains stops and is located behind the machine. The upper and lower flanges, as well as the bending flange, are arranged between the two columns.

HERA Swivel bending machine

Nowadays, most machines are operated using an electric motor. A control panel displays all the important parameters and allows for the adjustment of actuators for the various flanges. Modern machines can identify the strength of the sheet metal and thereby establish the necessary bending radius.

Swivel bending machines have been around since sheet metal processing has been introduced. Hand operated tools are particularly used, for example, for tiling a roof. The machines have a similar set up in industrial settings, except they are bigger and electrically operated. Modern machines additionally have various sensors, which display the settings. Swivel bending is considered a fully automatic process. Bending centres allow for all processes to be fully automatic.

These machines can be applied to a large variety of areas: billboards, casings, covers for boilers, covers for machines, sheet metals used for roofs and facades, separating walls etc. These machines are used in industrial production for the building of machines, steel construction, equipment manufacturing and the production of steel furniture. An example is transport facilities, which are constructed as a chute. Both sides of the sheet metal are formed into a U shape. They can also be formed into a conical shape, through adjusting the settings on the machine.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of swivel bending machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include:

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