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  1. Test and measurement in industrial production
  2. Areas of application and examples of test and measurement technology
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of equipment for test and measurement
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Test and measurement in industrial production

Comprehensive test and measurement technology is currently indispensable in modern industrial production. The applications include the use of measuring equipment, testing devices and tool equipment. Flexible, robust, durable and long-term solutions are required for the various areas of applications. The most desired solutions are those which are hands-free and can anyways undertake complex measuring and testing processes for effective work and excellent results.

  • Includes all measuring and testing technology for all sectors of industry
  • Availability of universal and special solutions
  • Fully automatic undertaking of the test and measurement process
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Various branches of industry such as electronics assembly, reparations of machines and equipment, electrical handiwork and the electrical automobile sector can profit from well thought through and optimally used test and measurement solutions. Universal solutions as well as sector-specific special solutions are available from the manufacturers of test and measurement technology. High efficiency is guaranteed through its modular design.

Generally, measuring and testing technology are of great importance for industrial companies. Approved and qualitative, high-end solutions should thereby be used. Modern companies cannot afford to make mistakes. Test and measurement equipment should therefore be able to undertake the requirements and guarantee optimal production results.

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In addition to the installed measurement and testing machines, and workshop equipment, accessories such as shock-proof test leads, probes and connectors are important.

Areas of application and examples of test and measurement technology

Intelligent and embedded systems are necessary for advancements in automobile technology. This is particularly the case for the development of modern automobiles. A number of embedded complex components allows for thousands of decisions to be made in one second. Test and measurement equipment can efficiently and accurately check serial buses in vehicles. These test and measurement technologies are a high-end support for the maintenance of complex assemblies and systems.

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Table testing, interruption-free testing, HF-testing and a row of other general tests are undertaken in the test and measurement industry. Commonly, test and measurement processes are conducted fully automatically. The analysis of liquids like water and interruption-free material testing are both processes that are commonly used. Workstation microscopes connected to computers and sensors installed into production machines, guarantee the optimal testing of a product's quality.

Brand names and manufacturers of equipment for test and measurement

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of equipment for test and measurement. Some of the most recommended suppliers include HIOKI, GE INSPECTION, ABB, SURFACE MEASUREMENT, RATIONAL PECISION INSTRUMENT, COMECO CONTROL & MEASUREMENT, APPLIED MEASUREMENT, TE CONNECTIVITY, TEKTRONIX, HIRSCHMANN and SKS.

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