Through-feed Drilling Machines

Modern CNC through-feed drilling machines for top precision
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Through-feed drilling machines are used in the furniture industry to drill defined hole patterns in just one work step, e.g. holes for dowels, handles or locks. For series production the holes must be efficient and consistent. At the same time, the through-feed drilling machine must be flexibly adjustable to small batches. Well-known manufacturers such as HOMAG, BIESSE, RILESA, VITAP and MORBIDELLI are configuring the drilling units according to customer requirements. Spindles and drill heads can be called up individually using a drill support. You will find used drilling machines with suitable drilling units at Surplex. Even with a recent year of construction!


Through-feed drilling machines are used to create boreholes in panel-shaped wood building materials or wood substitute materials. The pattern of the holes is created depending on the necessary screws and wooden pegs. Through-feed drilling machines are commonly used in an assembly line for the furniture manufacturing industry.
  • Creates boreholes in panel-shaped wood building materials
  • Commonly found in assembly lines
  • Mostly used in furniture manufacturing
 Quality   Great offers   Personalized By switching out drilling equipment and drilling heads, it is possible to change the diameter and pattern of the holes. The through-feed drilling machine is made for drilling holes on mounting plates, drawer runners, fittings and connectors. This machine can be used to create holes for dowels, handle boards and locks. Additionally, they are suitable for the creation of base notches and nuts for back walls and the front of drawers. The flexibility of a through-feed drilling machine is good enough for the demands of commission-based production and mass production, and is also suitable for smaller and medium sized operations. Modern and compact CNC-operated machines deliver the most accurate outcomes and need very little set-up time.

MAW NOTTMEYER Through-feed drilling machine in use
The electric drilling machine was one of the first electric machines. In 1889 the electric engineer Arthur Arnot invented a stationary drilling machine for the work conducted in Australian mines. Wilhelm Emil Fein invented the first electric hand-held drilling machine. High-precision drilling became possible through the securing of drilling machines on fixed mounts. The use of a through-feed drilling machine means that all necessary drills can be used on one workpiece in the same operation.

The through-feed drilling machine is mainly used in the manufacturing of furniture. On the one side, there are often large quantities of the same piece that need to be processed. On the other side, the machine needs to be adjusted to fit the different workpieces.

The through-feed drilling machine is also suitable for smaller quantities with reoccurring hole patters, like steps for a staircase. By using a through-feed drilling machine, one saves time and manages to maintain matching results that guarantee the highest accuracy for further processing.

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of through-feed drilling machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include BIESSE, BREMA and MORBIDELLI