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Veneer Chippers

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Definition: Veneer Chippers

Veneer chippers are used where there is a lot of veneering, i.e. in veneer production and in the furniture industry. If the thin veneer bands are peeled from the wood or processed on plate materials, a lot of waste is produced. Veneer chippers shred these residues into easily manageable chips, which can then be transported in a space-saving manner and used, for example, as fuel. Veneer chippers are mobile and lightweight machines manufactured in Germany by KUPER and JOSTING, among others. Surplex offers these as used machinery, also recent models!



  1. Composition and function of a veneer chipper
  2. Areas of application of a veneer chipper
  3. Working with a veneer chipper
  4. Suppliers of veneer chippers
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Composition and function of a veneer chipper

A veneer chipper is made out of a conveyor unit, upon which the remnant of the veneer is transported. The chipper is made out of several rows of gear units, which intertwine to shred the veneer strip. The veneer is then ejected out of the machine in the form of woodchips. Veneer chippers are relatively small machines and do not require a stationary spot. They are fixed or rollers and can be used upon demand.
  • Used in the production of furniture and veneer technology
  • Shreds veneer waste
  • Reduces transport and disposal costs
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Areas of application of a veneer chipper

A veneer chipper is used in the production of furniture and veneer. It shreds veneer waste, which is accumulated in the form of strips, from all sectors where furniture is manufactured or processed. Veneer strips can only be very inefficiently contained within a rubbish container. They are very elastic and due to their width, very rigid and inflexible. These strips can hardly be compressed to fit into a container. In order to reduce unnecessary high transport costs associated with veneer waste, veneer strips are shredded.

Working with a veneer chipper

High quality veneer chippers are very well encased. This means that there is no risk in reaching into the chipper during operation. Veneer strips can have sharp edges and can cause cut wounds. Used veneer chipper 02 Therefore, professional, tight-fitting clothing and work gloves are necessary when operating a veneer chipper. Veneer chipper machines, and especially the chipper tool, must be regularly cleaned, sometimes several times a day. The cover is equipped with protective switch, in order to prevent the chipper from becoming damaged when the cover is opened. Generally, the use of compressed air is sufficient in cleaning the veneer chipper, to ensure it?s ready to operate. The surrounding area of a veneer chipper needs to be regularly cleaned, in order to prevent tripping accidents. Veneer chippers should only be used for their intended purpose. A veneer chipper cannot replace a garbage crusher. Veneer chippers are designed to only be used for brittle material, including the residual pieces of veneer. Boards or cardboard will lead to jamming of the machine and damage the tool of the veneer chipper.

Suppliers of veneer chippers

Recommended suppliers of veneer chippers include JENZ, KLÖCKNER, KUPER and JOSTING.

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