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Veneer Cutting Machines

Industrial machines for cutting veneer packages 2 Items
CASATI CIP31 Pneumatic Cutter Veneer Cutting Machines
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,000 x 1,600 x 1,600 mm
Year of manufacture 1988
Weight approx. 2,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Verbania, loaded on truck
Verbania Italy, 28923 Verbania
29/10/2021 10:59
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300 €
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MONGUZZI FISHER+RÜCKLE AFD-52/3200 Veneer Double Knife Guillotine
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 13,000 x 2,600 x 2,500 mm
Year of manufacture 2004
Weight approx. 10,000 kg
Item available from approx. 1. week 2022
Delivery terms FCA Bondorf, loaded on truck
Bondorf Germany, 71149 Bondorf
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Definition: Veneer Cutting Machines

Two types of cutting machines are used to cut veneer bundles to length. For thicknesses up to approx. 1 mm it is the veneer cutting machines. Greater thicknesses are usually processed with a veneer saw. Veneer cutting machines, and in particular double veneer cutting machines with two cutting blades, produce particularly precise, straight cuts. Cutting lengths, cutting widths and cutting heights of these machines differ greatly. Some cutters are designed for packages of up to 5 m in length. At Surplex you will find used veneer cutting machines. These include popular models with a recent year of construction from JOSTING, KUPER, MONGUZZI, OMPEC, RÜCKLE and SAVI.


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  1. What is veneer cutting?
  2. A brief history of veneer cutting
  3. How does a veneer cutting machine operate?
  4. The use of veneer for furniture and interior construction
  5. Second-hand veneer cutting machines from international manufacturers
Used veneer cutting machine side view

What is veneer cutting?

Wood veneer is a thin piece of wood used to cover other wooden surfaces such as plywood, particle board, pressed board and other composite board, so as to provide a more refined appearance by creating the impression that the entire piece of wood is made out of the same matter as the veneer. Although veneer is pretty thin (around 1/8 of an inch), it is still actual wood, which is why veneer cutting necessitates utmost accuracy and precision.

  • Cutting machines used for veneer bundles
  • Used for veneer with a thickness of almost 1mm
  • Used in the furniture industry and for carpentry and joinery
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Such precision and care can be achieved through the use of modern veneer cutting machines. There are several different methods for cutting veneer and the way it is cut from the logs affects its appearance and the pattern of the grain. There are two main methods for cutting veneer using a veneer cutting machine: rotary cutting and slicing, the latter having several variations that produce different appearance.

A brief history of veneer cutting

Certain goods found in tombs show that veneer technology was being used in Ancient Egypt. This was accomplished by cutting up valuable wood as thin as possible and then gluing it on top of the less valuable wood.

SAVI Veneer clippers in operation

The first veneer cutting factory was established in Germany in 1843. However, veneer was not widely distributed until the slicing machine was invented in 1870.

How does a veneer cutting machine operate?

A veneer cutting machine is used for cutting of veneer bundles. Different types of woodworking machinery (with one or two cutting knives) are used depending on the length of the bundle. Depending on the veneer cutting machine model, the bundles can be as long as 5 metres. The veneer bundle is placed parallel to the machine fence with one cutting knife. With a pulling motion, the bundle is then cut on one side. Veneer cutting machines with two knives cut the veneer bundles simultaneously with an upper and a lower blade, which makes the cut especially precise and enables the veneer to be easy assembled and sealed. With modern veneer technology, cutting width and positioning of the rip fence are often determined using a decimal keyboard. Veneer cross guillotines are much smaller and are used for trimming of veneer bundles. The controller is usually on the side of the veneer cutting machine and is operated using a button. Veneer cutting machines are used for veneers up to a thickness of 1mm, while various cutting processes are used for thinner veneers to prevent them from splitting.

Used veneer cutting machine shearing tool

The use of veneer for furniture and interior construction

It is not possible to imagine our modern life without veneered wood. This is why veneer cutting machines have become an integral pert of the furniture industry, where veneer is used to improve the outer sides of doors and furniture. For interior construction, veneer is used for floor boards, ceilings, and walls, in boats, airplanes, and cars. Almost all kinds of wood can be used to produce veneer, the most popular being hardwoods; more than half of all veneer is made out of beech or oak wood. A veneer cutting machine can also be used to cut veneer from expensive wood like redwood, bird's eye maple, mahogany, teak and other exotic wood. After the cutting of veneer sheets, they are either put together using veneer glue jointing or zig-zag shaped glue thread or glued together as a wave-formed sheet.

The use of veneer for furniture and interior construction

Several companies have specialised in the veneer cutting machine production, including JOSTING, MONGUZZI, EMMELLE and TAGLIABUE. It is often possible to find a quality wood veneer cutting machine by the renowned suppliers in our numerous industrial auctions as well as on our regular used machinery page at We recommend that you visit us regularly as our industrial machinery offer is constantly updated and consider subscribing to our newsletter in order not to miss any special offers in the future.

Used veneer cutting machine general view

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