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  1. Precise cutting of veneer bundles
  2. From slicing machines to industry products
  3. Veneer for furniture and interior construction
  4. Second hand veneer clippers from international manufacturers
Used veneer cutting machine side view

Precise cutting of veneer bundles

Veneer clippers are cutting machines used for the cutting of veneer bundles. There are a lot of formats, with one or two cutting knives, depending on the length of the bundle. Depending on the model, the bundles can be as long as 5 metres. The veneer bundle is placed parallel to a machine fence with one cutting knife. With a pulling motion, the bundle is then cut on one side.
  • Cutting machines used for veneer bundles
  • Used for veneer with a thickness of almost 1mm
  • Used in the furniture industry and for carpentry and joinery
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Machines with two knives cut the veneer bundles simultaneously with an upper and a lower blade. This means that the cut is especially precise and the cut veneer can be easy assembled and sealed. With modern machines, the cutting width and positioning of the rip fence is often done using a decimal keyboard. Veneer cross guillotines are much smaller and used for the trimming of veneer bundles. The controller is on the side of the machine and operated using a button. In order to allow for further processing, a very accurate cut is necessary. Veneer clippers are used for veneers up to a thickness of 1mm. Cutting processes are used for thicker veneers to prevent the veneer from splitting.

SAVI Veneer clippers in use

From slicing machines to industry products

Goods found in graves show that veneer technology was being used in ancient Egypt. This was made by cutting up valuable wood as thin as possible, and then gluing it on top of inferior wood. The first veneering factoring was established in Germany in 1843. However, veneer wasn?t widely distributed until the slicing machine was invented in 1870.

Veneer for furniture and interior construction

It not possible to imagine our current world without veneered wood. This is how veneer clippers entered the furniture, carpentry and joinery industries. As even more wood materials (such as chipboard) are being used, veneer is used to improve the outer sides of doors and furniture. For interior construction, veneer is used for floor boards, ceilings and walls in, for example, boats, airplanes and cars. In modern manufacturing processes, veneer has become more affordable for everyone. Almost all kinds of wood can be used to produce veneer, the most popular being hardwoods. More than half of all veneer is made out of beech or oak wood. After the cutting of the veneer sheets, they are either put together using veneer glue jointing or zigzagged shaped glue thread, or glued together as a wave formed sheet. These veneered sheets can be mounted on a panel.
Used veneer cutting machine shearing tool

Second hand veneer clippers from international manufacturers

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of veneer clippers. Some of the most recommended suppliers include JOSTING, MONGUZZI, EMMELLE and TAGLIABUE.

Used veneer cutting machine general view
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